Do‌ ‌Hedgehogs‌ ‌Eat‌ ‌Worms?‌

If you own a hedgehog, you must be wondering what should you feed it. We all serve necessary food items to our pets, dog food for dogs, cat food for cats. But when we talk about pets like hedgehogs, the diet can be slightly different. Do‌ ‌Hedgehogs‌ ‌Eat‌ ‌Worms?‌ Hedgehogs do eat worms. But excessive … Read more

How Long Do Hedgehogs Live as Pets?

We all want our pets to survive as long as we do. In fact, we wish they could live longer. But unfortunately, they tend to live shorter lives, and there is nothing we can do about it. A pet owner will always wonder about how long will their pet survive. Especially, when we are talking … Read more

Do Hedgehogs Swim?

Have you ever wondered if a tiny creature like a hedgehog could ever swim? They can actually be good swimmers. But they do not swim to entertain their regular activities or for survival. They just happen to be blessed with swimming ability. Do Hedgehogs Swim? Yes. Hedgehogs are natural swimmers. Hedgehogs can easily swim, and … Read more

Do Hedgehog Spines Grow Back?

One will, of course, be left wondering if their beautiful prickly cushion-like hedgehog pet loses its spines and exposes its naked skin all of a sudden. But it is natural and nothing to be worried about as they will certainly regrow them. Do Hedgehog Spines Grow Back? Yes. Hedgehogs can regrow their spines naturally. It … Read more

Do Hedgehogs Stink?

While 50% of the population owns pets, the other half is reluctant to own one. Studies have found that most people do not own a pet or are not fond of animals because they stink. But have you heard about hedgehogs? Hedgehogs belong to that category of animals that do not have any particular odor. … Read more

Do Hedgehog Spines Hurt?

Do you think twice before touching a hedgehog and petting it because of its scary spines? Of course, they might look dangerous and frightening with sharp quills all around their body, and you would not dare play around with them. But that should not be the case at all. Do not confuse Hedgehogs with Porcupines. … Read more