Are Moose Smart?

Unlike deer, the moose is usually not afraid of humans. It is smart enough. Moose would not run away merely because you are there. Neither will it attack you. It will run away or attack only if it feels that you are a threat. The fearlessness of a moose makes it more tempting to approach … Read more

Are Moose Nocturnal?

Moose are mostly known as diurnal animals. They generally live solitary with the strongest of bonds between the mother and her calf. Sometimes two moose can be observed feeding along the same stream. Not much is known about the night activities of a moose as most of the research is conducted during the daytime. So, … Read more

How Fast Can A Moose Swim?

Moose are known for their eating capabilities. A moose needs to eat a minimum of 25 kg of food every day. When summer comes to an end, it becomes very difficult to find this huge quantity of food on the land. Perhaps this is the reason why moose are blessed with excellent swimming capabilities. They … Read more

How Long Can A Moose Stay Underwater?

The moose is simply a majestic animal, beginning from the antlers to its excellent swimming skills. They have large ears through which they can hear danger from a distance. Their sense of hearing is exceptionally good. Apart from being skillful swimmers, they can dive deep under the water. You will be surprised to know that … Read more

Are Moose Endangered?

An endangered species of an animal refers to the population of that particular kind of animal that is in danger of becoming extinct in the near future. It can take place due to several factors like only a few numbers of that animal are left, or that its predators have grown in number, or that … Read more

Are Moose Color Blind?

Moose are usually color blind. However, they can see well in low light. Moose have a large blind spot directly in front of their eyes which is due to the position of the eyes. So, they have to roll their eyes in the front in order to see things that are present over there. However, … Read more

Are Moose Dangerous?

Moose can be extremely dangerous at times and their encounters can also be more likely than you might have imagined. One of the reasons behind this is that moose are less afraid of human beings than the other large animals in the forest. Moose can be a risk to your safety if you have trampled … Read more

Are Moose Friendly?

In Alaska and Canada, moose is among the top three must-see lists of every hiker. They are extraordinary creatures, weighing up to 1,600 pounds and over six feet tall. The behavior of these hairy animals can be so awkward at times that many people assume they cannot possibly be friendly to human beings. Are Moose … Read more

Are Moose Aggressive?

It is true that normally, a moose is not aggressive towards people. However, if they are provoked, it can prove deadly. Usually, moose is not afraid of a man like a deer. So they will not run away after seeing you. This fearlessness makes it more tempting to approach a moose. Children may also want … Read more

Are Moose And Elk The Same?

Both moose and elk are the biggest types of deer. They form the family Cervidae of deer. Male elk and moose are both known as bulls while the females are known as cows. Both are hunted for their meat as well as antlers. Moose are mostly found in the northern regions of the United States. … Read more