When Do Raccoons Hibernate?

Raccoons are opportunistic animals and they prove it in winter. During these harsh days, they tend to forage for food that can be easily found and also in large quantities. They can store body fat just like the ants by eating more and more on spring and summer days so that they can spend the … Read more

Why Do Raccoons Scream?

Raccoons are capable of making more than two hundred different types of sounds to interacting with each other. They are extremely vocal and make use of these sounds for different purposes. Although it is not possible for the wildlife experts to understand the meaning of all these sounds, their continuous research has identified most of … Read more

How Far Do Raccoons Travel?

Although raccoons are not territorial and can settle down almost anywhere, they often have a tendency to mark the area where they live. Similar to many other animals, they rub their back on their territories and also use their urine and feces which have a strong smell. Another substance secreted from the anal glands of … Read more

Where Do Raccoons Go In The Daytime?

Raccoons are nocturnal animals and they will not be seen very often in the daytime except in a few circumstances. They prefer to take rest and sleep for most of the time of the day. Usually, they like to climb up a tree and take a rest in the shade. This is often mistaken by … Read more

What Do Raccoons Hate?

Raccoons are no doubt very intelligent animals but at the same time, they can be shaken up very easily. A sudden loud sound in the night can really scare them and they will immediately run away. If you want to get rid of them fast, it is recommended to use a device that can produce … Read more

How Long Can Baby Raccoons Live Without Food?

The baby raccoons are called kits and they are born in the months of March and April during the spring season. They remain totally dependent upon their mother and drink her milk for their survival. They are weaned at the age of eight to ten weeks and thereafter, they can eat solid foods like adults. … Read more

How To Tell A Raccoon’s Age?

If you have found a lost baby raccoon, raised it in your home for some time, and are thinking of sending it back to the wild, you should know the appropriate age to do it. According to the rehabilitators, the age for releasing a home-raised baby raccoon back to the jungle is between sixteen to … Read more

When Do Baby Raccoons Leave The Nest?

Raccoons can build their nests almost everywhere. The most favorite place of a raccoon is the large holes inside the trees and the hollow part of the logs. They also make nests in the brush piles, chimneys, crawl spaces, haystacks, abandoned burrows, attics, barn lofts, and storm sewers. Raccoons use more than one den at … Read more

When Do Raccoons Breed?

Raccoons try to avoid fighting with each other and prefer to live alone. There are very few occasions when they get involved in fights such as for food, defending, or protecting their offspring. Another reason why raccoons fight each other is to find a mate during the breeding season. However, their fights are usually non-violent … Read more

Will A Mother Raccoon Come Back For Her Babies?

Raccoons are adaptable animals and they can very easily settle down in almost any kind of environment. They prefer to live in heavy forest areas surrounded by trees, water sources, and plenty of vegetation. They like to build their dens in the large holes of trees and the hollow parts of logs. Raccoons can forage … Read more