Do‌ ‌Hedgehogs‌ ‌Eat‌ ‌Worms?‌

If you own a hedgehog, you must be wondering what should you feed it.

We all serve necessary food items to our pets, dog food for dogs, cat food for cats. But when we talk about pets like hedgehogs, the diet can be slightly different.

Do‌ ‌Hedgehogs‌ ‌Eat‌ ‌Worms?‌ Hedgehogs do eat worms. But excessive intake can cause adverse effects. Therefore, it is necessary for a hedgehog to have a limited and well-nourished diet.

Animals like hedgehogs are keener on natural prey than man-made supplies. Hedgehogs have a big appetite for worms. Worms and bugs usually form a huge part of a hedgehog’s natural diet. Since they are naturally acquainted with a wild environment, invertebrates become a sole priority in their diet.

That does not mean pet hedgehogs are safe to eat all kinds of worms. They can feed on many, but there are some necessities that one should look after. There are also other food items that they can be fed. Let us discuss them in detail.

Hedgehogs and Worms

Worms are good prey for many animals, similarly for hedgehogs. Many worms like earthworms, mealworms, blackworms, or waxworms, are a usual part of a hedgehog’s natural diet. Invertebrates like worms become easy prey, and they have some nutritional value which is why hedgehogs can feed on them and live a healthy life.

Worms like earthworms contain protein, but they mainly contain water which becomes a good hydration source for hedgehogs during hot and dry weather. Almost all other worms that a hedgehog prey on contains proteins and chitin fibers which are very nutritional and some worms like wax worms also contain some amount of fats and calcium which helps a hedgehog to fill its appetite.

Especially wild hedgehogs are used to hunting down invertebrates, bugs, worms, and small insects as their daily diet. Even pet hedgehogs can be fed worms, and in open gardens, they can go hunting small bugs and worms that may appear, which is very common and usual.

Negative Effects of Worms

While worms make a natural source of food for hedgehogs, they are not all safe and healthy. Worms can be good prey for them, but some worms have certain limitations on their intake that can otherwise adversely affect a hedgehog’s health.

Worms like mealworms and earthworms are common food sources, but excessive intake of these worms can cause severe health problems. Impaction is a common effect seen in hedgehogs due to excessive intake of worms. Other worms like Morio worms and super worms can bite the hedgehog if they are not fed with their heads chopped off and cause pain in the hedgehog.

Worms with high-fat attributes can also adversely affect a hedgehog’s health. But some worms like calci worms and phoenix worms are safe and can be fed to hedgehogs without any worries.

Other than worms, hedgehogs can also be provided with man-made food items for a healthier life, such as meat-based cat food, hedgehog food specially made for them, cat biscuits, etc. These items are also very nutritional and healthy for hedgehogs.

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