Are Rabbits Intelligent?

You might not know about the intelligence of your pet rabbits. Many pet owners often think that their bunnies are simple animals that just love to play and eat and sleep. But your bunny is way more intelligent than you think. Are rabbits intelligent? Well, rabbits are indeed intelligent. A regular pet rabbit may have … Read more

How Do Rabbits See?

Rabbits have excellent vision and observation powers. These small animals use their visual capabilities to ensure they are safe from any attacks. Rabbits have better visual power than humans. But, how do they see? How well do they see things? Here are all your answers. How do rabbits see? Rabbit’s eyes are strategically placed to … Read more

What Do Rabbits Like To Play With?

Rabbits are intelligent and curious animals. They love to explore new things and play a lot! Unfortunately, their affinity to playtime often leads to them being dropped dead asleep between a play session. So what do rabbits like to play with? Rabbits like to play with their toys, other bunnies of the group and of … Read more

Do Rabbits Need Vaccines?

Rabbits are known to be fragile pets who can become dangerously ill due to certain diseases or infections. But, like any other house pet, they can also live a disease-free life if given the proper care. So, do rabbits need vaccines? Well, rabbits also need vaccines. The vaccines help protect rabbits from deadly diseases and … Read more

Can Rabbits Eat Iceberg Lettuce?

Iceberg lettuce consists of pale green leaves and grows in bulbs similar to cabbage. It mainly grows in the cool climate regions and needs a whole winter season to fully develop. Lettuce and other leafy greens make a favorite diet in many homes because of their crisp, crunchy texture and mildly sweet flavor. But is … Read more

How To Tell If A Rabbit Is Neutered?

Neuter is a surgery by which the testicles of a male animal are removed in order to sterilize or make it infertile. A male rabbit can still have some semen left in his body for up to three weeks after the surgery. So, during this time period, a male rabbit that has recently been neutered … Read more

How Much Space Does A Rabbit Need?

Rabbits are cuddly creatures that make great pets. If you want to adopt a small creature for your home, then rabbits are the best option available to you. They are playful, energetic and can be very friendly with the children. But many people think that these innocent-looking creatures are low-maintenance pets. In reality, it is … Read more

Can You Keep A Wild Rabbit As A Pet?

A cute bunny is one of the most adorable things, and almost all kids love to have one as a pet. But if you want to buy one from a pet store or a breeder, it can be really expensive. Most families cannot afford them. There is, however, an alternative option. You can choose to … Read more

Why Do Rabbits Eat Their Babies?

The female rabbits are often known to be nursing and caring mothers. But, in some unfortunate cases, they display some erratic behaviors, and some eat their newborn babies right after birth. This behavior may seem quite cruel and unnatural for a gentle and happy animal like a rabbit. But, it is not uncommon. There are … Read more

Can Rabbits Get Fleas?

Like any other animal, rabbits can also get flea infestation. In most cases, flea infestation is painful and irritating for any bunny. If you are concerned about the flea infestation in your rabbits, read here till the end. Can rabbits get fleas? Yes, rabbits get fleas like other pet animals, and they are also vulnerable … Read more