Do Tarantulas bond with Owners?

Tarantulas are quite popular as pets. These spiders can be a great choice who loves spiders and arthropods. However, being solitary creatures, Tarantulas usually love to remain alone. Often pet wonders ask if a tarantula will become affectionate and will form a bond with them. Find all of the answers here. Do tarantulas bond with … Read more

How fast do Tarantulas Grow?

Tarantulas, hailing from the Theraphosidae family, are among the largest spiders in the world. They have a hairy body with large legs in four pairs and are among the longest-living spider species in the whole spider world. A spiderling, or baby spider goes through different phases to become an adult tarantula. How fast do tarantulas … Read more

When do Tarantula Sleep?

Tarantulas are small, hairy, mostly black in appearance spiders that belong to the family Theraphosidae. Tarantulas are very much different from mammals, so their sleeping habits are also different. They are very good hunters, so in their natural habitat, they are more active. Spiders like tarantulas cannot close their eyes due to the absence of … Read more

How do Tarantulas Drink?

Tarantulas, which belong to the arachnid group, are known for their intelligent antics and interesting habits. Like other living animals, tarantulas also drink water. Even though a Tarantula can survive without water for days, it still needs some hydration. You may not catch a tarantula drinking water often. Here is all the information about how … Read more

Why do Tarantulas Dance?

Often tarantulas are seen spinning in small circles with their legs stretched high. They also raise their bodies and continue the dance for some time. It is popularly known as the “Happy dance”. You may not always get a chance to do this large spider performing some great moves, but they are good dancers. But, … Read more

Do Tarantulas need Water?

Every creature, living organism on Earth needs water to survive. Spiders such as Tarantulas also need water to maintain their biological reactions. These large creepy crawlies have their distinct way of getting water to continue thriving. Do tarantulas Need water? Yes, Tarantulas indeed need water. Water plays a significant role during their lifespan. They also … Read more

How do Tarantulas Breathe?

Tarantula, a giant spider, is a member of the Arachnida class. They are similar to insects but do have the same physiological structure as an insect. They do require oxygen to live like any other living being. But a tarantula does not have a nose or nostrils. So, how do tarantulas breathe? Well, they have … Read more

Do tarantulas need light?

The amount of light required depends entirely on your tarantula’s natural habitat. These creatures rarely come out during the day and prefer to hunt in the dark. Brighter lights than the sun and lighting at night are incompatible with their natural way of living. Knowing that the tarantula is a nocturnal creature, turning on the … Read more

Do Tarantulas make Noise?

Some tarantulas, in addition to standing up on their hind legs in a protective attitude, create a hissing or rasping noise as a warning to predators (including humans) to keep away. This roar may be heard up to 15 feet away, according to scientists at The National Zoo, thus it might be considered quite loud. … Read more

Do tarantulas have a brain?

The tarantulas are considered to be exotic pets all across the globe. They are considered to have interesting personalities and are mostly considered harmless towards human beings. They are cold-blooded and are nocturnal. The web-like structure which is quite silky is used to make them aware of the potential prey in their surroundings. Unlike the … Read more