How Often do Spiders Molt?

Molting or shedding the skin is common in spiders. A spider may molt a couple of times during its lifetime. As a spider grows, it sheds its old skin or exoskeleton. It is a hard covering made with chitin that protects their internal organs and flexibly uses their legs. In the case of spiders, they … Read more

How do Tarantulas Eat?

These hairiest spiders are found in the southwestern United States, Mexica, and Tropical America. They have three-segmented spinnerets and are often called burrowers. They are believed to be harmless to human beings as none of them are found to be extremely venomous towards us. There is no record of anyone being killed by a tarantula … Read more

How Often do Tarantulas Molt?

A wide variety of tarantulas are considered to be nocturnal in nature. They are found all across the globe especially in the tropical, subtropical, and arid zones. They are considered to have a silk-like formation in the form of webs and are mostly burrowers in the ground. Over the last few decades, they are considered … Read more

Do Tarantulas have Feelings?

Tarantulas are large primitive spiders that have a primitive type of respiratory system with their fangs pointing downwards. The size of a tarantula can range from a very small size to a big plate size. These creatures do not learn anything about their surroundings but understand by the actions they are put in. They then … Read more

Do Tarantulas make Webs?

The tarantulas are a large group of hairy spiders in the family of Theraphosidae. There are around more than 1000 species that are identified and have been kept as exotic pets by few people around the world. Since we all are aware of associating webs with the species of spider, tarantulas make a hammock-like structure … Read more

Do Spiders have Feelings?

If you have a pet spider, you might wonder if it has feelings like humans and other animals. The truth is that spiders are not capable of having intelligent feelings like humans. It is because they do not have a developed nervous system like humans. But, spiders are capable of feeling emotions or feelings according … Read more

Do Hedgehogs Stink?

While 50% of the population owns pets, the other half is reluctant to own one. Studies have found that most people do not own a pet or are not fond of animals because they stink. But have you heard about hedgehogs? Hedgehogs belong to that category of animals that do not have any particular odor. … Read more

Do Hedgehog Spines Hurt?

Do you think twice before touching a hedgehog and petting it because of its scary spines? Of course, they might look dangerous and frightening with sharp quills all around their body, and you would not dare play around with them. But that should not be the case at all. Do not confuse Hedgehogs with Porcupines. … Read more

What do Spiders Eat?

Spiders are often described as predators which even engage in cannibalism. But what do spiders eat? What is the main inclusion in a spider’s diet? Here are the answers for all those who love these eight-legged beasts. Diet of a spider Spiders are part of Arachnids and are included in the Arthropoda class. Scientists have … Read more

Are Geckos Dangerous?

Geckos are reptiles which are found in all the continents of the world except the continent of Antarctica. These colorful lizards have changed their home from the rain forests to the deserts, to the cold mountain slopes of the planet earth. It’s a nocturnal creature which does not do much in the day and comes … Read more