Are Geckos Dangerous?

Geckos are reptiles which are found in all the continents of the world except the continent of Antarctica. These colorful lizards have changed their home from the rain forests to the deserts, to the cold mountain slopes of the planet earth.

It’s a nocturnal creature which does not do much in the day and comes out for hunting in the evening. For a very long duration of time, geckos have adopted special physical features to help them to live.

Are Geckos Dangerous? In normal circumstances, a gecko is known to be safe for humans. Their nature is soft and they are not likely to harm their owners. However, it is not unnatural for these lizards to bite a human if they feel threatened or in danger; merely acting out of self-defence and life preservation.

Are Geckos Dangerous to human beings?

A Gecko is usually a low risk pet. They are neither aggressive nor dangerous. They do not carry any disease which is harmful to human beings. Sometimes Geckos may gently bite but it is not dangerous at all. In fact, with a few appropriate steps these bites can also be avoided.

They are extremely safe pets and very good choices for the family. It is very much advisable to get a Gecko for your home and your children. However, there are certain essential points which are important to know either before adopting a Gecko or even to increase your knowledge after adopting one.

What makes a Gecko dangerous?

A Gecko may, however, become dangerous when somebody tries to hunt it or trips over it which causes the Gecko to panic.

Almost all kinds of Geckos are very tiny in shape and size. They rarely bite in the wild unless somebody tries to catch them.

Even if they bite someone due to one of the above mentioned reasons, it does not feel more than a pinch. A Gecko has to bite a person really very hard in order to break his skin. Even if it does so, the bite would feel nothing more than a paper cut.

A Gecko will run away most of the time as if the devil is chasing it. So, a Gecko is not dangerous to a human being but it is surely dangerous to the insects which it feeds upon.

Do Geckos carry Disease?

There are some differences of opinion as to whether captive-bred geckos can transmit any disease or not to human beings.

A new study suggests that people may get sick from a Gecko. Some researchers have analyzed faecal samples from some Tokay Geckos which originated from Indonesia. They are imported species of Geckos which are very popular in the United States as family pets.

These researchers found antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the intestines of those Geckos which may pose a threat to the health of human beings.

There also remains a minimum chance that a reptile can have salmonella bacteria which is a common disease that affects the intestinal tract of humans.

However, the risk of this disease is much lower with Geckos than the other reptiles. Also, if your gecko has been born in a homely environment, they are not likely to have any such disease that can harm a human.

Do Geckos Bite?

Only when they are threatened or feel nervous, they may bite you. Geckos are territorial species of reptiles. Many of the medium and large sized geckos are usually obedient but may bite you if they are distressed.

If it bites you very hard, it can also pierce your skin. The reptile is very much adaptable and may survive on spiders and insects. Unlike the other species of reptiles, the Geckos are rather less robust or behaviorally aggressive.

However, they do not like others invading their comfortable space. You may have to face this situation when you first adopt a Gecko but after some time they will realize the fact that you are not a threat but their friend.

Another situation may arise when a hungry Gecko is looking for food and at that time your juicy finger may come across. Consequently they might just want to give your finger a nibble which may feel like the Gecko is trying to bite you. But it is not so.

What happens if a Gecko bites you?

If a Gecko, by chance, bites you, it can lead to bacterial infection. If the gecko’s bite has broken your skin, the wound should be washed rigorously with copious amounts of warm water and antibacterial soap at once without wasting any time. Then the wound has to be covered with a bandage and antibiotic ointment should be applied on it.

A Large gecko, which is big in size, can inflict a deep wound which can also be painful. The teeth of the Geckos are not very sharp, but they can chomp down hard sometimes. When a human is getting bitten by a Gecko, his instinct is naturally to pull it off. However a Gecko is not venomous, and it has tiny teeth with little biting force. Whether the bite will hurt or not is very subjective and will depend on your tolerance of the pain it has inflicted.

Do Geckos Attack?

If a Gecko feels scared or agitated, it may attack you. It takes some time for these reptiles to adjust to an unfamiliar environment and hence, you will have to wait for a few days before you start to handle your Gecko.

Another suggestion would be not to try to pick it up when the Gecko is sleeping or eating its food. However, it is good to know that they are not a harmful species of reptiles. Geckos are generally silent animals and you may only hear their vocalizations which may sometimes sound aggressive to humans.

Final Words

A gecko is an absolutely safe pet for your family. Usually it remains calm and is not aggressive at all. Most of the time a gecko’s nature is to flee rather than get involved in a fight. Geckos are not at all venomous and they do not carry any disease which is harmful to humans. On the contrary, they eat insects and bugs which helps in making our environment clean and safe.

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