Are Raccoons Good Climbers?

Whether you are living in an urban, suburban, or rural locality, you always have a chance to encounter a raccoon in your area. They have adapted to survive in all kinds of places over the years. Raccoons are very good climbers which often becomes a major problem for the people living nearby. In search of food and shelter, they often climb into the residential houses.

Are Raccoons Good Climbers?

Yes, raccoons are, of course, superb as climbers. They love to explore the roofs of the houses in their vicinity and they are also naturally equipped for this purpose. They can easily climb on the roof using the trees as well as bushes nearby a home. They can also make use of the downspouts, chimneys, and fences of the houses in order to climb the roofs.

Why Are Racoons Good Climbers?

Raccoons have been naturally supplied with all the essential features for climbing. The long fingers and toes of raccoons have sharp as well as non-retractable nails. They help the raccoons to dig into the rough surfaces such as trees and cliffs. Raccoons also have the specialty of rotating their back paws to 180 degrees so that they can climb the surfaces down headfirst.

What Can Racoons Climb?

Raccoons are very good climbers and they can literally climb almost any given surface whatsoever. They can easily climb vertical walls like bricks, stone, and wood. Climbing off the masonite siding, as well as the downspouts of gutters, is also not an issue for the raccoons. However, the only exceptions are the glass and un-weathered sheet metal which are difficult for a raccoon to climb.

Can Raccoons Climb Up Buildings?

Yes, raccoons can climb a building very easily. In fact, their wall-climbing skills are of superior nature. The physical characteristics of a raccoon along with their instinct to climb, helps them to mount over any building whatever height it may have. Their sharp claws provide just the ideal assistance to a raccoon so that they can scramble almost any type of building.

Does Raccoon Live In The Trees?

The answer is no. Raccoons can climb trees and they are often seen sitting in the trees. This may make you think about whether raccoons live in the trees. They actually climb trees to take a rest in the daytime as it provides them with shade. However, a raccoon may prefer to live in a tree where there is a large hole or a den inside the tree.

Can Racoons Climb Up PVC Pipes?

Yes, due to their superb climbing capability, raccoons can climb up a PVC pipe up to the diameter of four inches. They are known to have done it in search of food when they are very hungry. However, it is not possible for a raccoon to climb up a small diameter PVC pipe. This can be done only by a snake that will coil around it and climb up.

Final Words

Raccoons have the ability to run and climb at the same time at a speed of about fifteen miles per hour. However, they do not have the skills to jump very high from the ground level. In fact, a raccoon can jump up to a height of not more than four feet from the ground level.

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