Are Raccoons Good Swimmers?

Raccoons are capable of adapting to any situation very easily. One of the skills that the raccoons have adopted over the years is their habit of swimming. Normally they prefer to live in the forests but they also live to stay near a source of water like ponds, lakes, and rivers. Their swimming ability helps them in a number of ways including escaping from the predators.

Are Raccoons Good Swimmers?

Yes, raccoons are very good swimmers. The average speed of swimming of a raccoon is about five kilometers per hour. In case of an emergency like escaping from any predator, a raccoon can increase its speed of swimming up to twenty-five kilometers per hour. Moreover, they can swim continuously for three to eight hours in the water if needed.

Why Do Raccoons Love Water?

Before eating, a raccoon will wash its food in the water. It is a part of their natural behavior to collect sensory information about the food. They also like to catch fish from the water and feed on it. Due to this reason, you will often see raccoons near lakes, ponds, and other sources of water. They are known to communicate through the water.

Does Swimming Save Raccoons From Their Predators?

There are many predators of raccoons like cats, coyotes, and birds, etc. Raccoons often take advantage of water and their swimming capability to escape from these animals. The majority of these predators do not dare to come close to the water. Another advantage which the raccoon has is that they can hold their breath for a long time under the water.

What Are The Sources Of Water Food For Raccoons?

As told earlier, raccoons like to stay near bodies of water. It not only protects them from predators but is also a major source of their food. Raccoons like to eat snails, frogs, clams, fish and crayfish, etc. Apart from the water sources, raccoons also prefer to have fruits, eggs, vegetables, nuts, vegetables, and insects as their food.

Why Do Raccoons Dive Underwater?

Raccoons prefer to dive under the water due to two reasons. One is to escape from its predators and the other is to fetch underwater food. They have a special ability to hold breath for almost fifteen minutes under the water. They can also dive up to five feet under the water. Because of its thick fur which tends to keep raccoons afloat, it has to force its head into the water in order to catch any prey.

Do Raccoons Swim In Swimming Pools?

Just like human beings, the raccoons also like to swim in the swimming pools. Their love for water often attracts them to these pools. Unlike other land animals, raccoons are excellent swimmers as well as divers. They like to wet their front paws in the water, wash their food before eating and also dunk food in the water before consumption.

Final Words

If you are thinking that the water body in the backyard of your house would protect you from the wild raccoons, you are wrong. Their bodies may appear to be quite heavy for swimming but believe it, they are excellent swimmers and can easily cross those water bodies to enter into your premises.

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