Where Do Raccoons Go In The Daytime?

Raccoons are nocturnal animals and they will not be seen very often in the daytime except in a few circumstances. They prefer to take rest and sleep for most of the time of the day. Usually, they like to climb up a tree and take a rest in the shade. This is often mistaken by some people who think that raccoons live in trees. The reality is they only take a rest in the trees but do not live there.

Where Do Raccoons Go In The Daytime?

Although they prefer to be most active at night, it is not unusual to see a raccoon in the daytime. Sometimes they go out in search of a new shelter during the day. They can also be seen to be moving in search of food. Many times mother raccoons forage for food leaving the babies alone at the den which may take several hours and so they go out in the day and return at night.

Where Do Raccoons Hide During The Day?

Raccoons are independent and to a certain extent solitary animals. Due to their nature, they prefer to hunt at night wearing a mask of their distinctive coats and like to take rest during the day. Their most favorite places to take rest are the large holes of trees and the hollow parts of fallen logs. Some may take a hands-off approach and hide inside one of their dens during the day.

Where Do Raccoons Go In The Winter?

The cold winter season is extremely harsh for the raccoons just like any other animal. During this period, they prefer to remain inside their dens as far as possible. A small group of raccoons may live together in the same den during very cold days to increase the temperature. Some of the places used by raccoons in winter are hollow trees, woodchuck burrows, and rock crevices.

Where Do Raccoons Go In The Summer?

During the summer days, raccoons prefer to live mainly near the water sources and forest areas. This gives them some sort of relief from the hot temperature. They can also be seen living around the farmsteads as well as livestock watering areas during extremely hot days. Some raccoons may also try to find a shelter made by man like the abandoned buildings where they can hide and sleep.

Which Seasons Are Raccoons Most Active?

Being nocturnal in nature, raccoons remain most active at night and sleep during the day. They will be seen to be the most active in the seasons of Spring, Summer, and Fall. During the winter, they will sleep most of the time inside their den. They can also be found to be most active in the breeding season which usually begins in late winter and continues from the months of January to June.

Final Words

Raccoons love to stay in a den made inside a huge tree. The large holes of trees and the hollow parts of fallen logs are also their favorite habitats. Some other places which the raccoons prefer to live are the sheds, barns, attics, and abandoned cars. They change their habitats very frequently and live in almost a new den every night.

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