Do Rabbits Bark? (Is it Possible?)

Rabbits are quiet by nature, They will approach you, will play with you, but they are not talkative. Rabbits usually do not seek your attention or communicate through their voice. But, that does not mean a rabbit is not capable of making sounds. So, how do they make sounds?

Do rabbits bark? No, rabbits do not bark. They usually growl or purr. Your rabbit will growl if it is stressed and angry. On the other hand, the bunny will make a purring sound if they are content. But, they do not make a high-pitched sound. Hence, their sounds are not too audible.

How do rabbits communicate?

Rabbits have the ability to make sounds. But, their sounds are not barking. They make a wide range of sounds. You can easily differentiate what they are thinking and expressing.

Rabbits use their gestures and sounds to explain their antics and experiences. If you are careful enough, you can easily communicate with your bunnies. Here are their sounds and their significance-


Rabbits will honk if they are annoyed or irritated by anything or your behavior. If it honks, you should let the bunny alone.


Rabbits usually growl if they are annoyed or angry. Their growl often displays their aggressive nature.

Teeth grating

It is an extremely cautious sign that you need to be serious. Rabbits do grind their teeth if they are in extreme pain. So, if your rabbit displays this gesture, get immediate medical attention.


Rabbits may make whining sounds in different incidents. In some cases, a rabbit will start whining rudely if it feels annoyed. But, a rabbit will make a softer whining sound if it wants your attention. Hence, if you find the whining soft and subtle, you need to pet your rabbit.


Bunnies also make grunting sounds if they are unhappy or stressed.


Even though it is rare, rabbits also scream. They usually start screaming if they are scared. If they are under extreme stress or danger, they will start screaming. On the other hand, a rabbit will also scream if it is extremely angry.

If the rabbit screams repeatedly, you need to give it your attention. The bunny may be injured or scared of something. If the rabbit continues to scream for a long time, visit a vet. There is a chance that the poor animal is suffering from a serious health condition.


Rabbits can make this sound in two situations. Wheezing is a serious alarm for rabbit owners. A rabbit usually makes this sound if they are having breathing problems.

On the contrary, lower wheezing sounds or sneezing accompanied with signs are positive signs. This way, your rabbit is expressing its contentment.


Rabbits do snore. If they are in a deep sleep, they will snore sometimes.

Final Words

Rabbits do not bark like dogs or other house pets. Bit, they make a lot of sounds to communicate. They use different sounds to express their concerns, dear, and feelings. Pet owners should have enough knowledge to distinguish between these sounds to understand their bunnies’ feelings and situations.

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