Are Rabbits Crepuscular?

Rabbits are known for their cheerful attitude and playful antics. An exciting part of a rabbit is that it usually dozes off during the daytime and becomes active as the sun sets down. However, you might also find your rabbit awake during the early mornings. Hence, a lot of people assume that Rabbits are nocturnal animals. But, in reality, they are crepuscular. Find more details about this here.

Are rabbits Crepuscular? Yes, Rabbits are crepuscular. That means they are active during the twilight times. A rabbit Will become active during the sunrise and sunset. It usually sleeps during the day and even during the afternoon. However, they are active during the night and may even sleep during the night or eat.

In general, crepuscular animals remain most active during dawn and dusk, when the light is mellow and pleasant. But, they do not always sleep. Even though the rabbits resort to periodical sleep during the day or night, they remain more or less active. The twilight times are when a rabbit will be at its best active cycle.

There is also another interesting behavior of a rabbit. It may become active at night during a full moon. Most wild rabbits do that. It is because the moonlight during these nights curbs the complete darkness. But, on the other hand, a rabbit may also remain active during a cloudy day. During such days, the sunlight is not too bright. Hence, it is ideal for a rabbit.
That means a rabbit prefers lights that are not too bright or harsh.

Why is a rabbit crepuscular?

Rabbits became crepuscular to prevent the dangers. It is a way to remain safe from the predators which hunt down rabbits.

Due to their crepuscular nature, Rabbits can get some sort of security from nocturnal predators like owls, wild cats, foxes, etc. Such predators are not able to see properly during the daytime. On the other hand, they also get protection from diurnal hunters like hawks or eagles, which cannot hunt during the night.

Besides that, rabbits are also vulnerable to harsh sunlight. Their Crepuscular habit allows them enough time to eat and find food when there is light without the harshness of the sun. Due to this nature, rabbits get enough time to sleep and rest in their underground nests and protect themselves from the hot sun and even predators.

What about pet rabbits?

Pet rabbits are not like wild rabbits and usually live in a protected environment. Hence, they might not reflect the crepuscular habits perfectly. Due to their captivity, pet rabbits usually lose some of the crepuscular habits and adjust according to the daily routine of their owner.

Hence, if you have a pet rabbit, it may not remain active during dawn or dusk every day. Instead, pet rabbits usually follow the routine of their owners. They understand when their owners have time and seek attention from them. Hence, owners often found their rabbits following them during their free time for more interaction.

Final Words

Rabbits are crepuscular and usually remain active during dusk and dawn. Such habits help a rabbit to get protection from predators. But, on the other hand, they are also able to get protection from harsh sunlight.

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