Do Rabbits Die Easily? (Should you own a pet rabbit?)

Rabbits are fragile yet cheerful pets. They entertain you with their curious antics and energetic aura. But, due to some unfortunate events, some rabbits die suddenly. Their fragile body is highly vulnerable and may lead to death.

Do rabbits die easily? Yes, how unfortunate it seems, Rabbits can die suddenly. But, they do not die without a cause or health issue.

Rabbits have a delicate body, and they are very much vulnerable to injuries. A rabbit can break its bones or catch other diseases faster. In rabbits, a heart attack is also common. Hence, even though it seems a sudden death, there must be some cause that caused the demise of a poor bunny.

What can cause sudden death in rabbits?

Multiple causes lead to sudden death in rabbits. A rabbit may die due to-

1. Bacterial infection

Bacteria-borne diseases like coryza or nose inflammation, colibacillosis( e.Coli disease), Tyzzer’s disease(caused by Bacillus Sp), Salmonellosis etc., can cause sudden death in rabbits.

2. Nasal infection or Pasteurellosis

Pasteurolliosis multocida often blocks and infects the nasal passages and pharynx of a rabbit, The infection is a silent killer, and it’s asymptomatic. This infection may lead to multiorgan failure in rabbits, causing their death.

3. Hemorrhagic disease

Hemorrhagic disease is common in rabbits and causes sudden death in them. The viral disease is contagious and becomes fatal with an incubation period of 1 to 3 days. A rabbit suffering from the disease will die with multiple organ failure within three to five days of infection. Often rabbits do not show any symptoms and die suddenly.

4. Gastrointestinal disease

Rabbits have hindgut. This can often make them vulnerable to disease and infections. Some rabbits also suffer from gastrointestinal diseases and die in the end.

Diseases like Diverticulitis, caracal impaction caused by dehydration or stress and blockage in the small intestine can lead to sudden demise.

5. Heart failure

Heart failure is also common in rabbits. Due to their fragile nature, rabbits can be scared easily. If they are scared, stress and trauma can cause heart attacks. Older rabbits are also vulnerable to death due to heart attacks.

Dying of fright is quite common in rabbits. A sudden traumatic event can cause them to die in an instant. The trauma can be due to fear or even due to some health complications.

Signs that can prevent death in rabbits

Even though rabbits can die suddenly, an alert nature can prevent their deaths. You need to understand the signs and symptoms to check if a rabbit is suffering silently.

Here are the signs you need to check out-

  • If the rabbit loses its appetite and does not eat for more than 10 to 12 hours, take immediate action.
  • The rabbit is breathing very fast for more than two hour.
  • Your rabbit is suffering from multiple seizures in a short interval.
  • The rabbit has suddenly lost its strength and balance.
  • Rabbits’ pellets become smaller and deformed or merged if the rabbit suffers from a poor gut.

Final Words

Being fragile creatures, a rabbit may die easily or suddenly. But, they usually die due to an unnoticed health condition. Regular monitoring can prevent such unfortunate incidents.

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