Do Rabbits Fight? (What should you do?)

Rabbits are usually portrayed as docile and peace-loving animals. But, that is not always true. Rabbits are also seen fighting with each other on occasion. Find here all the details about their such aggressive behavior and what to do in such cases.

Do rabbits fight? Yes, rabbits do fight. A bunny can turn aggressive and fight with other bunnies. Two or more rabbits can also fight if they do not bond properly or have a non-friendly relationship. Despite being peace-loving animals, rabbits are quite territorial. They might turn aggressive if they feel threatened or annoyed.

How to understand why rabbits are fighting?

Rabbits may play fight or mock fight with each other by mounting or kicking playfully. But, a real fight can become quite troublesome for them. It often occurs suddenly and turns dangerous in no time.

Here are a few signs to identify the fight between rabbits-

  • The bunnies are attacking their opponent’s face.
  • A bunny seems extremely aggressive and continues to mount the other one to express its dominance.
  • The rabbit is grunting and thumping continuously.
  • A rabbit is biting another so vigorously that it rips the latter’s fur out or breaks the skin.
  • One rabbit is chasing another continuously and is trying to trap it by encircling it.
  • If a rabbit has flat ears in the backward direction, it is angry and preparing for a fight.
  • One of the rabbits has a stiff tail expressing its anger.
  • Of a rabbit is baring its to another, it is starting to fight.
  • A rabbit is screaming continuously. Often rabbits scream to express that they are afraid and threatened.

Why do they fight?

Bunnies can fight with each other for various reasons. Some of the common ones are-

  • They have not bounded properly.
  • Rabbits are social animals. But, they do have their limits. If two rabbits do not bond together and need to live in the same enclosure, they will fight.
  • Bonding is a strong and lengthy procedure that encourages peaceful cohabitation among rabbits in the same space. Suppose they are not bonding properly. Each of them with feel threatened by the others and will turn aggressive to protect themselves. In that case, This can result in a nasty fight.
  • In general, introducing another new one into a group of already bonded rabbits can also cause trouble. The newly introduced member may seem a threat to them, and they will fight.
  • One is jealous of the other.
  • Jealousy is pretty common among rabbits. Despite their peace-loving nature, they will get jealous from time to time.
  • If you bring a new bunny or give more attention to a particular rabbit, the other may become jealous. In jealousy, it will turn aggressive and will fight with the other one. It is their way of expressing their anger towards the more spoiled member.

Final Words

Rabbits may fight each other due to different circumstances. If you find two or more rabbits fighting, take immediate action to stop the fighting bunnies in different cages to prevent any further damage. Additionally, take care of the rabbits inside a pack to ensure they are bonded over.

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