How Much Do Moose Weigh?

Moose are considered to be the largest members of the family of deer. From the hooves to the shoulders, they can grow from 5 to 6.5 feet. This height does not include a raised head or the antlers of the moose. Therefore, it can be said in a humorous way that the majority of the moose are taller than all non-basketball players.

How Much Do Moose Weigh?

The Male moose or bulls typically weigh from 380 to 700 kg which is equivalent to 838 to 1,543 pounds and the female moose or cows normally weigh 200 to 490 kg which is equivalent to 441 to 1,080 pounds. It generally depends on the racial or clinal as well as nutritional variations or individual age of the moose.

How Much Do Alaskan Moose Weigh?

The Alaskan moose is the largest of all the subspecies of moose. It can stand over 2.1 metres or 6.9 feet at the shoulder. It has a span across the antlers of about 1.8 metres or 5.9 feet. The average weight of Alaskan moose is about 634.5 kg or 1,399 pounds in males and 478 kg or 1,054 pounds in females.

How Much Does The Largest Moose Weigh?

In September 1897, the largest moose which was a bull was shot at the Yukon River. It weighed around 820 kg which is equivalent to 1,808 pounds. At the shoulder level, it measured about 2.33 metres or 7.6 feet high. In 2004 an even larger moose was killed. That bull weighed about 1,043 kg or 2,299 pounds.

How Much Do Eastern Moose Weigh?

Eastern Moose is a fairly small-bodied subspecies of moose. The average weight of female moose is around 270 kg or 595 pounds. And the normal weight of male moose is around 365 kg or 805 pounds. At the shoulder level, the males can stand up to 2 metres or 6.6 feet.

How Much Do Western Moose Weigh?

Western moose is a medium-sized subspecies of moose. The average weight of adult female moose is about 340 to 420 kg which is equivalent to 750 to 926 pounds. And the typical weight of adult male moose is about 450 to 500 kg which is equivalent to 992 to 1,102 pounds.

How Much Do Shiras Moose or Yellowstone Moose Weigh?

Shiras moose, also known as Yellowstone moose is the smallest subspecies found in North America. The average weight of an adult moose is around 230 to 344 kg which is equivalent to 507 to 758 pounds.

How Much Do European Elk Moose Weigh?

European Elk is a middle-sized subspecies of moose. The normal weight of a female is about 275 to 375 kg or 606 to 827 pounds. The males generally weigh around 320 to 475 kg or 705 to 1,047 pounds.

Final Words

Moose evolved in the continent of Europe more than half of a million years ago. They migrated across Siberia and northern Europe towards the east for hundreds of thousands of years. At present, moose can be found over an extensive area of land in the Northern Hemisphere around the world.

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