What Do Moose Sound Like?

A study shows that moose uses a wide range of sounds in order to communicate with each other. These sounds are different in the calf moose, cows, and bulls. They also vary in their duration as well as the pitch of the sound.

What Do Moose Sound Like?

The most common sound that a moose makes is a moan. It can be spelled as ‘EER UGH.’ During the rutting season, hikers and hunters often hear the moaning sound of a moose while out in the jungle. Moose moans due to a variety of reasons. However, they mostly do it in the rutting season in order to breed.

Bull Moose sounds

The bull moose are most vocal during rutting season. It searches for the female moose for the purpose of breeding. It is usually very vocal about it. At this time of the season, it is very common to hear the sounds of grunting and raking bushes of a bull moose.

Bellow Sound

The bellowing sound is also made by a bull moose generally in response to the wail of a cow moose. It can be heard up to a distance of about six miles. This sound can also be heard during the rutting season in a jungle where moose dwells.

Roar Sound

The most aggressive sound made by a moose is a roar. The bull moose roar to ward off the other smaller bulls during rutting months. When they make this sound, it means that the bull is very angry and wants to fight.

Female moose sounds

Normally the female moose are more vocal than the male ones. The reason why they are more vocal is that the females have offspring for the security of which they communicate.

Bark Sound

A moose usually makes a barking sound when it can sense danger. The barking sound of a moose is more or less identical to the sound of barking of a deer. It is also similar to the sound of barking of a large dog. A moose also barks in order to alert offspring of any potential danger so that it can react fast.

Wail or Moan Sound

A cow moose makes a wail or moan when her estrus levels are high. This sound is an indication that she is ready to breed. A cow uses this sound to call any bulls which may be gazing in the surroundings. Many times, hunters make use of this sound in order to call in and hunt big Bull Moose.

Calf Moose Sounds

Although you will not hear the sound of a calf moose very often in the jungle, they can be quite vocal considering their young age. The newborn ones can make a high-pitched bleat sound. However, it is not as high-pitched as the sound of the bleat of a deer. They can repeat this sound for several minutes under stress.

Final Words

We have mentioned only the common sounds of a moose. In fact, there are several other sounds that a moose can make. They are aggressive animals that can very easily injure a human being. Hence, please take proper care and caution if you are planning to call a moose while out in the jungle.

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