What Do Moose Eat?

Moose are mostly found in the North-Eastern parts of America, and also in Canada, as well as Alaska. They are not very well adapted to handle the warm weather. So, during summer they will immerse themselves in the water in order to cool off.

What Do Moose Eat?

Moose are herbivorous animals. They mainly survive on leaves, roots, twigs, bark, and the shoots of plants. During the winter season, they prefer to eat evergreen plants and trees like aspen trees and willow.

Let us have a quick look at some of the most favorite foods of a moose.

Best food for moose

1. Leaves and Bark

During the summer and spring season, moose love to eat the bark and leaves from balsam fir, aspen trees, and willow trees. It is their favorite food. However, they will also eat any other kind of bark and leaves which can be found in their surroundings.

2. Shoots, Twigs, and Roots of Plants

When the winter season arrives, leaves fall from the trees and are no longer available for the moose or any other animal. So, they start eating all kinds of roots of plants and trees, twigs and shoots of plants as well as the bark of trees. This fulfills the nutritional supplement of the moose during the fall.

3. Water Plants

At the time of summer and spring days, moose like to submerge themselves into the water in order to cool off and eat all kinds of water plants. They will have horsetail, pondweed, water lilies, and all other kinds of water plants that can be available in their surroundings.

How to Feed Moose?

Since moose need very large areas of land for roaming, it is very hard to keep them in captivity. They are quite picky eaters and consume a very large quantity of food every day. Moose can be fed pellets and various vitamin supplements if kept in captivity. This is because the natural foods that they usually consume may not be available in the areas of their captivity.

What Does Baby Moose Eat?

From the age of six months to one year, a baby moose is generally fed by its mother. After one year, the baby moose is initially introduced to shoots, roots, and leaves by their mother. Then it is fed the twigs and bark of trees. When it is ready, the mother will guide it into the water. Finally, it will be shown which water plants can be eaten like the horsetail, pondweed, and water lilies.

How Much Do Moose Eat?

Every day the moose eat between forty to sixty pounds of food in order to sustain their very large bodies with the appropriate quantity of essential nutrients. Moose will feed even more food in the summer times in order to build up enough fat and nutrition for the long winter seasons.

Final Words

The most favorite foods of a moose are the roots, bark, and leaves of Balsam Fir, Aspen Trees, and Willow Trees. The kernels of Alpine Trees are also liked by them. They further love to feed the soft shrubs and the leaves of water lilies.

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