Why Does My Rabbit Stare At Me? (Is it Serious?)

Rabbits are one of the most social pets. Despite being fragile and vulnerable, they love to interact. Also, being smaller animals, rabbits often remain alert and stare at things for a long time to gather information. But your bunny staring at you can be concerning. So, is it scared of you? Or is there any other possibility?

In general, rabbits stare at things if they are curious. But, there are also other possibilities. For example, it may stare at you if it is afraid or warning you about something.

Why Does My Rabbit Stare At Me?

Here are the causes which may lead your rabbit to stare at you constantly-

  • Your rabbit can become curious about your activities. It will stare at you continue to find out what you are doing. If they find you doing something new, they might want to explore your movements.
  • Newly bought rabbits may stare at their owners because of fear. They are not sure if you are a threat and will continuously look to discover signs. It will be gone as soon as the bunny realizes you are not a threat.
  • Your rabbit may stare at you before starting to groom you. It is a way of showing their appreciation to you. In general, bunnies often stare at each other before starting to groom each other.
  • Your bunny may stare at you to ask for treats. Bunnies love treats and will find new ways to ask for one. Rabbits often use continuous staring to ask for food.
  • A happy rabbit can also give you a prolonged stare at times. It is a sign that it recognizes you as its owner or companion.

If you find your rabbit staring at you, it is better to check their body language. Careful examination can help you to understand what they want to tell you through their gestures. Here are a few examples-

  • If your rabbit’s ears are pointed, and their nose is twitching while staring, they are curious. They have experienced something unique and are waiting to explore more.
  • If you find your rabbits staring at you with the constant stomping of their legs, they are annoyed. They want to be left alone without any disturbance.
  • If you find your rabbit staring at you while lying down on its back, take it as a good sign. The rabbit is relaxed and is casually gazing at you.
  • In case you find your rabbit staring at you standing on its hind legs, give it a free pet. The rabbits usually use this gesture to attract the attention of their owners.

There is also another possibility. Rabbits have a transparent third eyelid, called the Nictitating membrane. The bunnies usually sleep with only these membranes closed. Hence, it may seem that they are staring at you. In many cases, it appears that they are staring, But, in reality, your pet is in a deep sleep with its eyelids open.

Final Words

Bunnies can stare at their owners due to different reasons. But, if they continue to stare at you for a prolonged time, you need to understand that they want something from you. It can signify petting, food, or even anger. So, it is better to check three other body gestures to find what they mean towards you.

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