Are Moose Endangered?

An endangered species of an animal refers to the population of that particular kind of animal that is in danger of becoming extinct in the near future. It can take place due to several factors like only a few numbers of that animal are left, or that its predators have grown in number, or that the climate where it lives is changing, or that the places where it lives have been destroyed.

Are Moose Endangered?

After a thorough review of the best available scientific and commercial information conducted in the year 2020, the Fish and Wildlife Service of the United States has concluded that the population of moose in the United States is not within the DPS or distinct population segment. Hence, it does not warrant the listing of moose under ESA or the Endangered Species Act.

Why Is The Moose Endangered?

According to the Department of Natural Resources, the population of moose is estimated to be around 3,150. The normal range is between 2,400 to 4,320 animals. Scientists have mentioned several causes which are responsible for the decline in the moose population. The main factors are wolf predation, disease, and parasites. The warming climate is also responsible to a great extent.

Which Is One Of The Major Factors Behind Moose Endangering?

As a result of global warming, the hardwood and boreal forests are gradually being replaced by oak forests that are less suitable for moose. Decreasing snowfall and increasing temperatures are putting moose at an increased risk of malnutrition and overheating. It is making them more susceptible to sickness caused by the parasites. It is becoming more prevalent due to the heat in the climate.

Are Moose Endangered In Canada?

Although moose are one of the largest mammals in Canada, their population is decreasing in recent years. They are threatened by loss of habitat as well as degradation. In some areas of Canada, the population of moose is still abundant. These said places are Newfoundland as well as New Brunswick. However, in places like mainland Nova Scotia, the population of moose is endangered.

Why Are Moose Endangered In Nova Scotia?

In Nova Scotia, the population of moose was wiped out in Cape Breton in the year 1930. This region is a perfect example of what can happen to the largest species of deer when its plight is ignored. The principal causes of this extinction in Cape Breton are the destruction of forests and the overhunting of this species.

How Many Moose Are Killed In Alaska Every Year?

In Alaska, moose are the most hunted species of big game animals. Its population is estimated to be around 175,000 in Alaska. However, every year more than 7,000 moose have killed her in the name of hunting. The number is quite alarming, keeping in mind that the largest of the moose are found here. Proper precaution needs to be taken by the Government to check this.

Final Words

The best way to ensure that animals like moose can get back on the path to recovery of their population is the proper implementation of the Endangered Species Act. The good news is that the global population of moose today is estimated to be around 1.5 million and it is increasing.

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