What To Do If You Encounter A Moose?

If you are an outdoor enthusiast who often visits the jungle, there are chances that you might have encountered a moose. They are normally non-aggressive creatures. But there may be certain situations when moose may charge and attack human beings. So, if you are planning to go hiking or camping, it is very essential to know what to do when you encounter a moose.

What To Do If You Encounter A Moose?

Do not try to fight back. Do your best to convince it that you are not a threat. Then back away or run. If you cannot run, try to get behind a tree, a vehicle, or some other solid object. If it knocks you down anyway, curl up into a ball and act like the dead. Do not get up until it has left the place, otherwise, it may attack again. Remember that it is not trying to eat you, so neutralize the threat.

Why does Moose become Aggressive?

As a general rule, male moose which are called bulls are far more aggressive than females which are called cows. During the mating months, Bull Moose may become irritable as well as agitated. At this time the likelihood of attacking gets increased. Moose that are defending their territory and those who are tired or hungry are also prone to aggressive behavior.

What Are The Warning Signs of Moose Aggression?

If a moose stops eating and looks at you, it is a sign that you should immediately go away. While preparing for an attack, the moose ears tend to go back like that of a dog. Other signals of moose likely to strike are licking of lips and chomping of teeth. Finally, a moose that has been cornered may urinate and even whip its head back just like a horse.

When Moose Aggression Is Most Likely?

There are some seasons of the year during which there is more chance of a moose encounter resulting in an attack. Female moose are mothering newborn calves during late spring and early summer. If a cow moose feels that its offspring is threatened, it will charge and attack a human.

How to Avoid a Moose Encounter?

Never try to feed a moose. They can become aggressive when fed with less quantity of food than they expect. Don’t bring a dog with you. Moose are known to mistake dogs as wolves which are their enemies. Always give plenty of space to the moose.

How to Survive a Moose Encounter?

The first thing that you should do is to back off and run towards the nearest tree. If it is likely that the moose would catch you before you can reach the tree, just roll yourself into a ball. Do not get up until the moose has gone some distance away, since it may come again to charge you.

Final Words

The last thing any hiker or a camper wants is the shattering of his peace and tranquility by an animal attack. So, by being aware of the wildlife indigenous to the region, and knowing how to behave in the event of an encounter, you can improve your chances of having a safe adventure.

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