How Long Can A Moose Stay Underwater?

The moose is simply a majestic animal, beginning from the antlers to its excellent swimming skills. They have large ears through which they can hear danger from a distance. Their sense of hearing is exceptionally good. Apart from being skillful swimmers, they can dive deep under the water. You will be surprised to know that moose can dive underwater for as far as six meters.

How Long A Moose Can Stay Under The Water?

Moose are excellent swimmers and they can remain under the water for as long as 60 seconds or 1 minute. They submerge themselves underwater to feed on aquatic plants. Moose can close its nostrils, which gives it the ability so that it can graze underwater. When they are in the water, their rate of respiration also slows down, allowing them to stay underwater for a long time.

Can Moose Improve Their Health By Staying Underwater?

Yes, moose can improve their health by staying under the water. For example, during summer moose can be infested with bugs as well as ticks. By swimming in the water for a long time, they can wash off those suckers from their bodies. Again, the ability of a moose to swim prolongs their life as the water helps in reducing the pressure from their joints as well as bones.

How Can Moose Protect Themselves From Predator By Staying Underwater?

Moose have the ability to seek refuge in the water when they feel threatened by predators like mountain lions and wolves. Moose are obviously better swimmers than the other local predators. In the case of a close encounter with a predator, a moose can run into the water and stay there for long knowing that its enemy will have no chance of catching it underwater.

How Can Moose Regulate Their Body Temperature By Staying Underwater?

Moose are susceptible to overheating especially in the summer. They can have stress in the body even at a temperature as low as 60F. So, moose need to cool themselves down in order to survive. They do so by diving into the water and staying there as long as their body temperature comes back to normal. They have a special ability to stay in the water as long as they want.

How Water Helps Moose In Their Feeding?

Moose love to eat aquatic vegetation and riparian plants. In order to get these plants, they have to do some swimming as well as diving. Because of their inhabitation, moose do not get sufficient inland plants to feed. So, they have to rely on these aquatic varieties for their livelihood. And do not forget that a moose needs at least 25 kilograms of food daily in order to survive.

Final Words

Just think about water aerobics. Standing around in the water all day reduces the chances of osteoporosis and arthritis in a moose. Due to the change in climate as well as a scarcity of food, moose often need to change their habitat. This process of moving sometimes needs extensive swimming. So, moose can take advantage of their swimming ability to find their new abode.

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