Are Rabbits Affectionate?

Rabbits are intelligent, fun-loving, and social pets. Even though these furry jumpers love to remain aloof sometimes, they form a special bond with their owners. They are known for their adorable nature and playful antics. Know whether your ever-energetic rabbit is affectionate and how it shows its signs of affection for you.

Are rabbits affectionate? The truth is, rabbits are extremely affectionate. They have different emotions and understand the feelings of humans quite well. Additionally, rabbits have their own language of expressing their feelings. Hence, if you are looking for a pet that will offer you some comfort and show some emotions, a rabbit is a great choice.

But, before that, you need to build a trusted relationship with your party rabbit. Approaching a rabbit first may cause it to be scared. Hence, try to take things slower to have an affectionate rabbit.

Signs of affection of a rabbit

Rabbits have their distinct body language to express emotion. Each of their movements or antics often has an inner meaning. If you understand those signs, you can easily understand the affectionate gestures of your pet rabbit. Here are a few signs of affection of rabbits.

Rabbits use binkying to show their love

Rabbits have their unique way of expressing their love. Most rabbits usually run fast and leap in the air with a twist in the end. It is called binkying. Rabbits use this gesture to show their love for their owners. While your rabbit is doing this, try to watch it. Otherwise, the rabbit may get scared or threatened or even feel sorry.

Rabbits groom each other to show their affection

Rabbits are very affectionate. They love to take care of and groom their dear ones. Hence, a rabbit may groom you to show that it has deep affection towards you. In general, rabbits use gentle nipping and nuzzling to show their affection. Your rabbit may approach you and nuzzle you to tell you that it loves you.

There is also another sign of showing their love. Rabbits often lick their owners, especially on their hands and sometimes on the cheeks, to express their love. In general, rabbits use licking when they are relaxed and are in a happy mood.

Your pet rabbit may approach you and sit on your lap for petting. It is their way of seeking attention and affection from you.

But, of rabbit shows such signs, you must appreciate their feelings. Give them grooming in response to show your feelings. Occasional and gentle strokes and tickets are best in this case.

It will also say sorry to you

Rabbits usually use their heads to say sorry. If it feels sorry and concerned, it may nudge its head with you. They may also groom you to show affection while in this position. Hence, ensure you accept their apology and groom them in return to express your love.

Final Words

Despite being aloof and somewhat solitary creatures, rabbits are affectionate from their heart. These furry animals love to express their affections and are loving and caring pets. Rabbits use different gestures to show their love and affection towards their loved ones.

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