Are Rabbits Hypoallergenic?

Many people often become unable to own pets because of pet hair allergies. There is a myth that rabbits are hypoallergenic pets. So, are rabbits safe for allergic patients? Can you own a cute and lovely bunny even after having an allergy? Here you will find all the information related to this question.

Are rabbits hypoallergenic? Well, rabbits are not hypoallergenic. But, their fur can also cause allergies to patients. They also shed their fur, and that fur can cause allergies to some people. But, few breeds have shorter hairs and have less fur. Till now, no hypoallergenic breed of rabbit is found. But, some breeds cause minimal or kisser allergic reactions to the owners.

What causes allergy? The rabbit or its fur?

A rabbit will not cause you allergies. Its fur can give you allergic reactions. A rabbit usually sheds its fur twice or thrice a year. The allergies happen due to these loose furs.

The fur of a rabbit contains a unique protein. This protein is present in the skin, urine, and saliva of a rabbit. When a rabbit sheds its fur, the protein comes off with the fur.

This protein causes allergic reactions in humans. Your immune system often perceives the particular protein as a threat and releases histamine to protect your body. This histamine causes the allergic reaction.

When a rabbit sheds its fur, this allergy-causing protein remains in your environment. The loose fur and pet dander will float here and there with the wind and will cause you allergies as soon as you come in contact with it.

What is the solution?

If you have an excessive allergy, it is better that you do not get a rabbit at all.

In this case, there is another simple solution. You can opt for a rabbit breed that can cause you less allergy.

Even though there are no hypoallergenic breeds, here are a few ways to own a rabbit despite having allergies-

Tan breed

This breed is an excellent choice for people having pet dander allergies. Tan rabbits look like wild hairs and have short and dense fur and also shed a minimal amount of fur, and do not require grooming a lot.

Silver Marten

Silver Marten rabbit breeds have beautiful black and grey or silver thick fur coats. They are medium-sized bunnies and sheds a minimal amount of fur once a year. So, they will not cause you a lot of trouble.

Rex breed

Rex Breeds, including mini Rex Bunnies, are also a great option. Their silky and plushier furs usually do not shed a lot. If you have a milder degree of allergic bouts and love plushy bunnies, you may get a Rex as a pet.

Final Words

There is no hypoallergenic rabbit as every rabbit will shed its fur. But, there are few breeds like the Rex breed, the Tan breed, and the Silver Marten breed, which do not shed a lot of hair. Additionally, such rabbits also require less grooming. Hence, you can own them despite having allergies.

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