Are Rabbits Born Blind?

Rabbits are one of the most beautiful animals in the world. A rabbit is a social and jovial animal that displays different mannerisms and characteristics. A rabbit is an exquisite animal that will keep you company and will become your best pet.

Baby rabbits are very fragile and require extra care. These creatures are usually born without eyes or hearing ability. Additionally, newborn babies also do not have any furs on their bodies.

Are rabbits born blind? Yes. Rabbits are born blind. Baby rabbits are born with underdeveloped eyes. Their eyelids remain closed to protect these sensitive organs and allow their eyes to develop fully. However, a baby rabbit will gradually open its eyes 10 to 14 days after its birth. Even though baby rabbits are born blind, they get powerful eyesight as they grow up. Hence, if you come across a tiny rabbit with its eyes closed, wait till it opens its eyes to the world!

Indeed, rabbits are born blind. But they do not remain blind for a long time. A rabbit has a nearly 360-degree panorama vision which allows them to thrive and protect themselves from threats.

Hence, rabbits only remain blind for a few days during their early childhood days. A newborn rabbit is born with simple blind eyes. Babies are usually born with closed eyelids. It is because often, baby rabbits do not have a developed eye like humans or many other animals. Their eyes start to develop after they are born, and gradually a rabbit gets its eyesight.

In general, a baby rabbit is able to open its eyes after ten to twelve days of its birth. While some rabbits may take a longer time, others often open their eyes quicker. On average, a baby rabbit takes a maximum of two weeks to open its eyes. But, a rabbit will generally not be blind even if they are born blind. With nutrition from their mother and care, the babies develop faster and gradually get fully functional eyesight.

So, why does this happen in the case of baby rabbits? Here are all the answers.

Why are rabbits born blind?

Rabbits have some special reason to be born blind. Scientists and researchers have found some clues on why Mother Nature has made them this way-

  • In general, baby rabbits remain protected in a furry nest for barely one month and are in the care of their mother. Hence, the babies do not need to face threats. Instead, their body develops the intricate and necessary organs like eyes and hearing ability to ensure they can fend themselves after growing up.
  • Baby rabbits have a peculiar habit of scratching their bodies. A rabbit can scratch itself and may cause harm to its eyes. Hence their body is designed in such a way that their eyes get maximum protection.
  • Rabbits usually have sensitive and underdeveloped eyes during their birth. Harsh and bright sunlight may cause their eyes harm. Therefore, their eyes remain shut for a few days. Their eyes remain closed and develop properly. This prevents blindness in young rabbits.

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