Are Raccoons Dangerous?

Over the years, we have seen raccoons to be presented as an animal with a dual personality. We find them to be cute and lovable animals in the cartoon shows for children. But we can see an altogether different image of raccoons in some YouTube videos and in reality. While it is true that raccoons can be dangerous at times, they can be prevented with some common sense and measures.

Are Raccoons Dangerous?

Raccoons are not known to be dangerous and they prefer to remain away from human beings. However, if they are provoked or feel threatened, raccoons may become dangerous. Raccoons are known to bite as well as scratch people when they feel danger. Small pets can also receive fatal injuries from a raccoon. Reports of property damage by the raccoons have also been heard.

Why Are Raccoons Dangerous?

Nature has equipped raccoons with the necessary tools of protection in the wild. Unlike the humans, their mouths can open up and down only and they can rip as well as pull their catch with it. Their jaws are attached to the side of the mouth and they have about forty teeth including four sharp canine teeth in the front. In case of a bite, the raccoon will try to tear you with those sharp teeth.

Can Raccoons Cause Diseases To Humans?

Yes, they can cause disease to a man. Humans are at risk of being affected by a bacterial disease called leptospirosis from the raccoons. It can be transmitted through contaminated water as well as soil. It can cause several problems like failure of the liver, damage to the kidney, or even death in humans. Eggs of raccoon roundworms from their droppings also pose a serious threat to humans.

Can Raccoons Cause Damage To Your Property?

Raccoons have a tendency to dig up literally at everything. They will dig up your beautiful garden and well-decorated yard in search of food. Chimney caps, Shingles, Soffits, and Mushroom vent caps are some of the common things in your house which face severe damage from these animals. Additionally, their urine, as well as feces, may also cause damage to your home.

Are Raccoons Also Dangerous To Pets?

Amongst the pets, the worst known enemy of a raccoon is the dog. They have a tendency to attack the raccoons. There are several incidents of raccoons inflicting several injuries to the dogs and even killing of small dogs. If you are residing in a raccoon-prone area, it is highly recommended to keep your pets like rabbits and guinea pigs inside the house all the time.

Final Words

In spite of their reputation, raccoons are not so dangerous and can be avoided with some preventive measures. You can always keep trash cans inside your house to avoid them. You can keep the attic and all other entrances of your house closed as far as possible. If you have returned home and hear the scratching sounds of a raccoon from the inside, call the raccoon removal company immediately.

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