Where Do Raccoons Live?

Raccoons like to reside in slightly wet areas of land covered with trees. They make dens inside the trees and love to stay there. The other places which are used by them for dwelling are the caves, garages, woodchuck burrows, rain sewers, mines, barns, deserted buildings, etc. Nowadays they have moved to the urban areas and started to live near humans very easily.

Where Do Raccoons Live?

The natural habitat of a raccoon is a den inside a big tree. They also live inside the large holes of trees and inside the parts of fallen logs which are hollow. Attics, barns, sheds, and abandoned cars also form their homes. Raccoons are known to change their shelter very frequently. They have even been spotted moving to a new place almost every night.

Where Do Raccoons Live In The Wild?

In the wild, raccoons can build their nest almost everywhere. It can be the brush piles, haystacks, abandoned burrows, barn lofts, storm sewers, crawl spaces, or tree cavities. They mostly remain active at night but sometimes they also go out in the day in search of food. Many times raccoons use two or more dens at a time for their living which is quite unusual for any other animal.

Where Do Raccoons Live In The City?

Due to the gradual decrease of forest areas, there has been a scarcity of food for the raccoons. As a result, they are now moving towards the urban settings of life. In the cities, raccoons can be seen to abode near the sources of food like the vegetable gardens, in storm drains, parks, and dumpsters. Raccoons always like to stay in a place or area which they can claim to be their own.

Where Do Raccoons Live During The Winter?

Generally, raccoons like to live in solitude. However, during the extremely cold winter, they prefer to form small groups and take shelter in the dens. Some of the common places where they make dens are the cavities of trees, the abandoned buildings, the underground burrows, and the unused chimneys. In winter, raccoons also forcefully occupy the warm dens of some other animals.

Where Do Raccoons Sleep At Night?

Raccoons are nocturnal. So they will mostly remain active at night in search of food. Usually, they will not sleep much at night except on the harsh winter days. However, if they do, raccoons prefer to sleep in the large holes of trees. They also sleep inside the portions of fallen logs that are hollow. They are actually very opportunistic when it comes to their place of sleep.

Final Words

Being nocturnal animals, raccoons prefer to take rest and sleep during the day. They will normally climb up a tree and take a rest in the shade. However, that does not mean that the raccoons live in the trees. Some people have the wrong idea about this. They can only live in a hollowed tree if there is a den located inside it. They also prefer to sleep inside their den in the daytime.

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