Can Rabbits Get Fleas?

Like any other animal, rabbits can also get flea infestation. In most cases, flea infestation is painful and irritating for any bunny. If you are concerned about the flea infestation in your rabbits, read here till the end.

Can rabbits get fleas? Yes, rabbits get fleas like other pet animals, and they are also vulnerable to ticks and other parasitic diseases. Babies to adults- any bunny, irrespective of its gender and age, can get fleas and ticks. These parasites are fatal for a rabbit as they can transmit the myxomatosis virus in your pet bunny.

How can a rabbit get fleas?

A rabbit can get fleas if it spends a lot of time outdoors or you allow it to roam freely in your garden. Such rabbits may interact with wild rabbits and get fleas from them.

If you have another pet, mostly dogs or cats, the latter can get fleas besides a bunny. Fleas and ticks tend to jump from animal to animal and can also cause the rabbit’s infestation.

Symptoms to detect fleas in your rabbits

A flea infected rabbit can display multiple symptoms like-

Nibbling at the skin- A rabbit will get a constant itchy feeling due to fetal infection. It may start to nibble or bite its own skin to get relief from the itching. Constant biting and nibbling can also result in developing small red bumps over the rabbit’s body.

Anemia: Rabbit infected with fleas often becomes anemic. Such rabbits often develop pale gums and suffer from fatigue and weakness.

Hair loss and scaling: Rabbits rapidly lose their body fur if they get infected with fleas. If you find your rabbit losing their body fur, there is a high chance that the bunny is flea affected. Some rabbits also develop dandruff-like skin scaling if they are infected with fleas.

Flea dirt: Flea infestation can result in flea dirt, a mixture of flea poops, and dried blood. It appears as reddish-brown sandy grains. If such grains are found in the bodies of your rabbit, they have fleas.

Live fleas: Often, live fleas are seen in rabbits. If you comb the fur of your rabbit backward and find live fleas, take action immediately.

How to treat fleas in rabbits?

Fleas can be treated in rabbits. It is better to visit the vet to get rid of fleas in your rabbits. The veterinarian will guide you with proper procedures to cure fleas.

Here are a few safe at-home treatments-

  • You can use a comb dipped in surgical alcohol or lukewarm soapy water and use it to comb the furs of your bunny. Wipe the comb every time before dipping it into the solution. If you find any flea, keep it in a separate box with lids.
  • You can also use rabbit-safe topical creams for your bunny. Apply a thin layer of this cream in places.

Final Words

Despite being rare, rabbits can also get fleas. There are multiple ways to prevent fleas from attacking your pet. Try to clean the cage of the bunny and offer it regular grooming to prevent fleas.

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