What To Feed Baby Rabbits Without A Mother? (Perfect Diet Plan)

Baby rabbits require extra care and a systematic approach to grow up. If they are not cured properly, they might not live for a long time. In addition, baby rabbits are fast growers and need a proper diet to ensure they get the right nutrition.

Pet owners are recommended to bring home at least eight-week-old rabbits. If they have a pregnant mother rabbit at home, they should take care of the baby from their birth.

What To Feed Baby Rabbits Without A Mother?

Baby rabbits usually drink their mother’s milk as mammals for six to eight weeks old. For kids who are two weeks or younger, only mother’s milk is recommended. Suppose you have such babies at home. Only allow them breast milk from their mother. If the mother is absent or unable to provide milk, you can use formula milk for them. But, make it diluted to ensure the milk is suitable for the kit.

In general, baby rabbits start to eat solid food after they turn three weeks or older. After that, they gradually start eating foods like adult rabbits after they turn four to six weeks old. After that, they will start to shift from milk to solid foods.

If your rabbit is more than four months old, add some solid foods to their diet. Hence, the best way is to provide them pellets. Babies should first eat pellets and then move on to hay or grass. Give them a portion of pellets and allow the babies to nibble on this. They will gradually learn to eat the pellets properly.

Young rabbits require more protein than adults. Hence, they should be given larger batches of pellets to fulfill their protein needs. You can increase the dose according to their age. You can also change the pellet brands as per your choice.

The ideal ratio of pellets is 25 grams per 1kg of the bodyweight of the rabbit. You can divide the total quantity of pellets into batches.

A theory becomes older, gradually introducing hay alongside pellets. They should be fed high-quality hay cut in smaller pieces. It will prevent choking and accidental injuries to the kits. In this case, the weight ratio is 25gram to 30 grams of hay per 1 kg of body weight.

Baby rabbits of four to six months can be given fresh fruits or vegetables or leafy green in 2-inch squares. You must introduce the fresh foods in a limited variety and give time to the young pet. They will need time to adjust to the new types of foods. Young rabbits should not be given fruits.


Water is also essential to maintain hydration among young rabbits. Give them enough water so that they can drink their fill. Try to use a dropping bottle that will offer them easy access to water.

Final Words

Baby rabbits should be fed their mothers milk for six to eight weeks. After that, you can gradually introduce pellets and grass hay to their diet. Try to monitor their feces to see if they can digest the food. Besides that, proper hydration is also recommended for young bunnies.

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