How Do Rabbits Sleep?

Like other animals, rabbits also require sleep after a tiring day. You might find your bunny suddenly dropping or in a motionless position. So, what is it exactly doing? Probably your bunny is taking a nap to reenergize itself after getting tired.

How do rabbits sleep? In general, rabbits sleep in a loaf position. The bunny will lie on its front and resemble a bread loaf. When a rabbit sleeps, its ears will remain in a relaxed position, and its nose will remain still. They will have a lower breathing rate. Some bunnies even snore in REM sleep with a low audible sound of snoring. They usually sleep with their eyes open. But you will find sleeping bunnies with half-closed eyelids or partially closed eyes.

Rabbits sleeping patterns

Rabbits usually prefer to take shorter naps than a long sleep. Being crepuscular animals, their sleeping pattern is different from humans or other animals. They usually remain active during dusk and dawn. Most rabbits take long naps during the noon and night (after 11 pm) to replenish themselves.

But, you will find your bunny suddenly falling on the ground and instantly getting into sleep mode. It usually happens when a rabbit gets extremely exhausted while playing, and it is also quite common with hyperactive bunnies.

How many hours does a rabbit sleep?

A rabbit usually sleeps for twelve hours on average. According to scientists, the sleep requirement for an adult bunny is on average 11.4 hours per day. They will rake seven to eight hours of deep sleep in a day.

Besides that, they also take light sleep, often termed “drowsiness,” for two to three hours per day. They also take one hour of “paradoxical sleep.” It is the time when bunnies usually dream.

If you find your pet rabbit twitching during asleep, the chances are high that they are dreaming about any life events or their memories.

How to understand your rabbit is sleeping?

  • Your rabbit will have relaxed and droopy ears during sleep. Usually, their ears fall against their head.
  • Sleeping bunnies also breathe slowly during sleep.
  • Rabbits don’t wiggle their nose while sleeping. In the scene, they do not need to be alert. Their nose remains in a still and release position.
  • Your rabbits can lie down in their front or on their sides while sleeping. Many rabbits also play with themselves while sleeping.
  • During winter, rabbits usually sleep in a curled position to keep themselves warm. On the contrary, bunnies often stretch out during summer to keep themselves cool.
  • Their eyes are half-closed.
  • If you have multiple rabbits, you might find them snuggled closer during sleep.

Why do rabbits keep their eyes open during sleep?

Technically, rabbits keep their eyes closed with a transparent third eyelid during sleep, and it works as a decoy for them. Additionally, rabbits also have the advantage of remaining alert as their eyes are not fully closed.

Final Words

Rabbits usually sleep in a loaf position on their front with released ears and nose. They sleep during noon and midnight and also take shorter naps multiple times a day.

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