How Long Do Rabbits Live As Pets? (Facts about Lifespan)

There is a common myth that rabbits are short-lived creatures and are very fragile. But, that is not true. They can live a healthy and long life if they get their owners’ right care and love.

So, how long do rabbits live as pets? Well, rabbits, especially pet rabbits, can live for five to ten years or even more. The lifespan of rabbits are quite long. Also, some rabbits may even live for twelve years if they get the proper care. So, if you are looking to become a bunny owner, get to commit for years with an energetic pet.

Pet rabbits have a longer lifespan than their wild counterparts. It’s because they get a safe environment with food and security to thrive better.

How Long Do Rabbits Live As Pets?

Most breeds have a different lifespan. While rabbits with larger bodies live for a shorter span, those with a smaller body frame will live longer. For example-

Dwarf rabbits lifespan

Dwarf rabbits or small rabbits are one of the most long-living breeds. Such rabbit breeds have a longer lifespan. For example, the Netherlands dwarf rabbits will live for eight to twelve years easily.

Rex rabbits lifespan

Rex bunnies are popular for their versatile fur coats in different colors like blue and chocolate. Cinnamon, brown and amber. These breeds can live for 5 to 10 years in ideal conditions.

New Zealand rabbits lifespan

The New Zealand rabbits, one of the largest bunnies with white coats, have a shorter lifespan. These breeds can live for 5 to 8 years.

Lionhead rabbits lifespan

The Lionhead rabbits are medium-sized rabbits that live up to 9 or 10 years with proper care.

Giant rabbit breed lifespan

This breed is one of the shortest living breeds. These bunnies will live for only six to seven years. But, they are ideal companions for a grown-up family.

Himalayan rabbits lifespan

The Himalayan Rabbits are other small to medium-sized rabbits. They have very small furs and also require minimal maintenance. These smaller bunnies will live for more than eight years.

Lop Eared rabbits lifespan

Lop Eared breeds can be classified into two types. The large breeds and the dwarf breeds. The dwarf breeds, like the mini lop rabbits, live for nine to ten years easily. On the contrary, the Larger breeds like the Holland breed live for nine to ten years easily.

Polish Rabbit lifespan

The polish rabbits are another smaller sized breed that comes with different colored coats. These bunnies will live for 8 to 10 years and even more.

These are the general lifespan of pet rabbits. But if you care for your bunny properly and maintain them with love, they can live more than their life span. The longest living bunny was more than seventeen years old. Hence you should ensure your pet is thriving in an ideal condition.

Final Words

Pet rabbits usually live for five to 12 years in general. But, they can live for more than these years. So, you need to feed your bunny grass hay with loads of leafy greens and clean water. Besides That, offer them a clean cage and also provide them with enough exercise. It will help them to live a fulfilling life.

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