Where Do Moose Sleep?

People residing in moose-prone areas, often find one which is sleeping right next to their abode. A moose can sleep in both a standing position or while it is bedded. The head and neck of a moose remain relaxed in their standing position. But the ears of a moose are like a radar antenna. It … Read more

When Do Moose Give Birth?

The annual rut or mating season of moose occurs during the end of September and the beginning of October every year. At this time, the bulls are always busy searching for females. The bulls indulge in fights with other males to earn the right of mating with a cow. Generally, bulls mate with a number … Read more

How Long Do Moose Live?

The moose is a six feet tall animal. Over the years, it has evolved into the largest member of the family of deer. They are habituated to live in cold environments. They survive and protect themselves from thick cushion-like fur. They move easily with their long legs and wide feet through deep snow and avoid … Read more

What To Do If You Encounter A Moose?

If you are an outdoor enthusiast who often visits the jungle, there are chances that you might have encountered a moose. They are normally non-aggressive creatures. But there may be certain situations when moose may charge and attack human beings. So, if you are planning to go hiking or camping, it is very essential to … Read more

How Do Moose Sleep?

An avid hunter or not, you must have encountered a moose at least once in your lifetime. They have long legs and long heads which lead to a long nose that is flexible as well as the upper lip. Moose also have a dewlap of skin at its throat. The fur of a moose is … Read more

What Do Moose Tracks Look Like?

It is essential to be able to find out the difference between the tracks of similar species of animals. It saves your time and helps you in searching for the specific animal that you are licensed to hunt. The tracks of moose and elk may initially seem to be confusing to you. But they can … Read more

How Big Do Moose Get?

Moose are tall! But just how big are moose? In this comparison guide, we will tell you how moose compare in size to some other species. Before we start the discussion, it is essential to note that there are various types of moose that are of variable sizes. For instance, there are four subspecies in … Read more

What To do if You See A Moose?

Many people who visit the national parks are often worried about running into a cougar or a bear. However, more people are injured every year by the attacks of a moose than the bear. So, it becomes very important to know what should be done when you see a moose. In this article, you can … Read more

When Do Moose Shed Their Antlers?

Moose is a type of large species of deer and it is the tallest mammal with huge flat horns and a long nose. They have large bones and muscular bodies. It lives in the forests of Northern America, Northern Europe, and Asia. When Do Moose Shed Their Antlers? In the middle of November and March, … Read more

How Tall Do Moose Get?

Moose are very often shown as cute and cuddly animals in books and cartoons. But in real life, we are sure that you would not like to mess with one. They are taller than most basketball players and weigh more than 1,300 pounds. How Tall Do Moose Get? Moose are huge mammals. They can grow … Read more