How Big Do Moose Get?

Moose are tall! But just how big are moose? In this comparison guide, we will tell you how moose compare in size to some other species. Before we start the discussion, it is essential to note that there are various types of moose that are of variable sizes. For instance, there are four subspecies in North America alone. In Europe, moose are called elk which again have four subspecies.

How Big Do Moose Get?

Moose is the largest creature of the deer family. The average height of an adult male that is known as a bull is about 6 feet at the shoulder. Its normal weight is around 1,400 pounds. The female moose that is known as cows are smaller in size. Moose have large heads like horses with a hump on their shoulder. They are heavy-bodied with a flap of skin that hangs beneath the chin.

Comparison of Moose Vs. Humans Size

The height of an Alaskan moose can be over 7 feet. The largest ever recorded Alaskan moose even measured 7 feet and 7 inches. If we compare it with Yao Ming who is one of the tallest NBA players ever, that moose is an inch taller than him. These measurements for moose are just from their shoulders.

Comparison of Moose Vs. Horse Size

Moose are huge in size than horses. As mentioned above, the average height of an adult moose is 6 feet whereas a matured horse normally is 5 feet 8.9 inches. So when it comes to the matter of size, it is the moose that wins the competition.

Comparison of Moose Vs. Elk Size

The average height of a bull elk is 5 feet. So it would be nearly two feet shorter than the average large Alaskan moose. The weight of a male elk is only half the weight of a fully grown Alaskan bull moose.

Comparison of Moose Vs. Elephant Size

The height of an African elephant is about 13 feet at their shoulder and that of an Asian elephant is 11 feet. In spite of this distinction, there may be a situation where an elephant and moose may stand eye-to-eye. A female Asian elephant is slightly below 8 feet in height. Therefore, the largest Bull Moose ever recorded would measure about the same height at the shoulders.

Which Is The Biggest Moose in the World?

The ever recorded biggest moose in the world was an Alaskan moose. The giant was a bull whose weight was 1,808 pounds. In the year 1897, it was killed near the Yukon River. It had a shoulder height of 7.6 feet. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it was the largest moose.

Final Words

The bottom line is that the moose is really one of the tallest of creatures. Ancient moose were extremely bigger than the moose of today. The earliest known species of moose was Libralces Gallicus, which lived 2 million years ago in warm savannas. It is estimated to have been around twice the weight of an Alaskan moose.

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