Where Do Moose Live?

Moose are found close to lakes, swamps, and other water sources. In summer they often wade into rivers and lakes and eat water plants such as lilies. In the winter season, moose feeds mainly twigs and the bark of trees such as poplars and willows. Moose prefer to live alone or in a group of … Read more

How Much Do Moose Weigh?

Moose are considered to be the largest members of the family of deer. From the hooves to the shoulders, they can grow from 5 to 6.5 feet. This height does not include a raised head or the antlers of the moose. Therefore, it can be said in a humorous way that the majority of the … Read more

What Do Moose Sound Like?

A study shows that moose uses a wide range of sounds in order to communicate with each other. These sounds are different in the calf moose, cows, and bulls. They also vary in their duration as well as the pitch of the sound. What Do Moose Sound Like? The most common sound that a moose … Read more

What Do Moose Eat?

Moose are mostly found in the North-Eastern parts of America, and also in Canada, as well as Alaska. They are not very well adapted to handle the warm weather. So, during summer they will immerse themselves in the water in order to cool off. What Do Moose Eat? Moose are herbivorous animals. They mainly survive … Read more