What To do if You See A Moose?

Many people who visit the national parks are often worried about running into a cougar or a bear. However, more people are injured every year by the attacks of a moose than the bear. So, it becomes very important to know what should be done when you see a moose. In this article, you can find everything that you need to know about moose safety.

What to Do If You See A Moose?

Firstly, if you have seen the moose from a distance do not approach the animal and simply walk away. Secondly, if the moose hasn’t yet seen you, do not do anything silly to attract its attention. Thirdly, if the moose has already seen you and also has come closer, you have to convince it you are not a threat. Talk to the moose in a soft voice and try to move away slowly.

How to Avoid A Moose Encounter?

The best way to avoid encountering a moose is to keep a close watch on your surroundings. Do not hike keeping your earphones on and always listen to the sounds around you very carefully. It is extremely important near the streams, lakes, and ponds where the moose usually stays.

What to Do When a Moose Charges You?

On a bad day, it may so happen that an agitated moose has chosen to charge you. It can be a terrifying experience keeping in mind the sheer size of the animal. Most of the moose charges are, however, bluff charges only. It is a warning that you should leave the area. So you have to act accordingly because the second charge might be an actual one.

Is Running Away A Good Option To Escape From A Moose?

Moose are known as herbivorous animals. So, running away is not likely to trigger a predatory chase response by the moose. A charge by a moose is usually defensive in normal circumstances. Once you have walked away, there is very little chance that it will come after you. But if you are unable to run, take cover behind a solid object like a tree or a car.

What to Do If You Are Knocked Down By A Moose?

If somehow you get knocked down by an aggressive moose, curl up into a ball and do not move. Try to protect your neck and head with the help of your arms. Please never try to fight back as you will never win. The moose will automatically go away once it feels that you are no longer a threat. Wait for some time until the animal is at a safe distance and then walk away.

Final Words

Moose often casually walk down a stand of trees or the shores of a stream or lake. These places are also common trail locations for hiking. Even though moose is one of the largest land animals, it can be surprisingly quiet as well as invisible for human beings. Therefore, you should always remain extremely careful while hiking and be ready with proper precautions.

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