Do Rabbits Fart? (Is it normal?)

Rabbits are some of the most wonderful creatures and make great pets. They love to interact and are social animals with strong personalities. If you want a cuddly pet with playful antics, get a rabbit. Being mammals, rabbits also display some similar expressions.

Do rabbits fart? Yes, rabbits do fart! They are mammals and also fart like us. They might not fart with a noticeable sound, But rabbits do fart.

Do their farts make sounds? Is it smelly?

There has been limited research into the farting habit of a rabbit. It is proven that rabbits can fart. It is also a natural phenomenon. But, their fart can be audible in some cases.

In general, rabbits do not pass a smelly fart. Humans, on the other hand, fart and pass smelly gas as they digest protein or fat. But, rabbits eat a fiber-rich diet. Hence, their body does not make a lot of gas. Therefore, theory farts usually do not smell bad. In short, a rabbit’s fart will not be smelly unless you feed them something high in fat or protein, for example, a banana or a carrot.

Why do rabbits fart?

Rabbits fart if they develop gas. Usually, a rabbit’s foot is digested in the cecum. In some situations, the gut bacteria may digest the food, and gas gets developed as a by-product. This gas causes serious health problems to them. Hence, a rabbit passes the gas and farts to clear its digestive tract.

Gas buildup can happen in rabbits if they do not get enough exercise. Without enough exercise, they may not be able to digest their foods completely. This can cause gas buildup in rabbits.

Why does a rabbit farts occasionally and very less?

Rabbits usually do not fart a lot. They are prey animals and need to hide to remain safe. Their fart can alert nearby predators. Hence, a rabbit’s body has been made up so that it only farts occasionally.

Hence, you may not notice a rabbit fart a lot and pass gas like humans or other mammals.

When is farting dangerous?

In general, farting is not harmful to rabbits. But, you need to be careful if-

  • Your rabbit is farting a lot and continuously.
  • The fart is extremely smelly.
  • The rabbit has lost its appetite and is farting continuously.
  • It is suffering from Volvulus. It is a serious case, and your rabbit will need immediate medical attention. In smaller mammals like rabbits, it can happen. In some cases, the intestines may become extremely twisted. This will result in intestinal blockage, and a rabbit will continuously pass gas to clear the blockage.
  • If your rabbit is farting and has a dense and bloated stomach. Check if it has a bloated stomach. That means the rabbit is suffering from health issues and may need a checkup from the doctor.
  • Connect with the vet immediately if your rabbit is having breathing problems, weakness, and restlessness, along with constant farting.

Final Words

Rabbits can develop gas, and they fart to release the gas from their body. Hence, occasional farting is natural and harmless in rabbits. But, if your rabbit is farting continuously, you may have to delve deeper and take it to the vet for a medical checkup.

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