Do Rabbits Yawn?

Yawing is a peculiar and unsolved mystery to the animal kingdom. Mammals often yawn, and multiple theories justify the cause of this.

Rabbits, being mammals, often express similar behaviors to mammals. So, do rabbits yawn? If they do, what is the cause? Read till the end to find more.

Do rabbits yawn? Yes, rabbits also yawn. You can often find your rabbit yawning and stretching its body.

The peculiar fact is that a rabbit’s yawning often looks terrifying. Their teeth are exposed, and they stretch their face. This makes their face appear angry and makes it appear that your rabbit is aggressively approaching something.

Why do rabbits yawn?

Rabbits yawn just like humans. The possible causes of yawing of rabbits are-

1. Your rabbit is tired and exhausted

The most common cause of yawning is tiredness and fatigue. Being energetic animals, Rabbits often hop around the house and move with a lot of energy. They play a lot. Such extensive physical activities can make a rabbit tired. They also suffer from fatigue for an hour-long activity session. They might yawn to cope with their fatigue.

Scientists theorize that fatigue affects the temperature of the brain. Yawning helps to regulate the temperature inside a rabbit’s brain. In this case, the rabbit may soon fall asleep after yawning.

2. They are bored

Being a social and playful creature, rabbits also can get bored easily. If they do not find something amusing enough, they will get bored. If you have more than one bunny in your home, you will see them playing and interacting with each other. If they do not receive their desired interaction and activities, they will get bored.

A bored bunny will express its boredom and try to find new ways to do something interesting. Additionally, yawning also expands their brain and allows the brain to function in a better way.

3. Your rabbit is trying to alert someone or the others

Repeated yawns may not always signify boredom or fatigue. A rabbit may yawn if they are in an alert mode. According to researchers, rabbits may repeatedly yawn to alert others of some impending danger.

4. Yawn is contagious

Often, you will notice that you also yawn when someone near you also yawns. The same happens with rabbits. Scientists theorize that mammals can use yawning to synchronize their moods with others in the vicinity.

In rabbits, yawning may be used as a signal to send an alert about fatigue—this way, the group synchronizes and prepares to sleep together. Hence, if you have multiple rabbits and they all start yawning together, remain calm. They might have been preparing for sleeping after a hectic day of playing and eating.

Having a hearty meal causes their hormone glands to secrete hormones like serotonin, dopamine, etc. They get a satisfied and happy feeling after eating and may express their satisfaction through yawning.

Additionally, a rabbit may also yawn after it eats and gets a full stomach.

Final Words

Like other mammals, rabbits also yawn. Their yawning often looks aggressive. But, yawning is a common feature in rabbits, and they might express their fatigue or boredom with a yawn.

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