How Do Rabbits See?

Rabbits have excellent vision and observation powers. These small animals use their visual capabilities to ensure they are safe from any attacks. Rabbits have better visual power than humans. But, how do they see? How well do they see things? Here are all your answers.

How do rabbits see?

Rabbit’s eyes are strategically placed to ensure they have a wider angle of vision. Their eyes are placed on the top of their heads. It allows them to see things from a wide-angle. As a result, they have nearly 360-degree vision. Moreover, their eyes can see far distant objects. But, such eye position also causes them to have a blind spot near their nose.

Their visual powers are closely tied to their life in the woods. Rabbits are prey and need to remain alert from any impending threat. Their eyes are positioned in such a way that they can see objects from any direction. Usually, they are long-sighted creatures and use this visual power to escape from threats and predators.

Here are a few interesting facts about how a rabbit sees things-

They understand colors but not every color

Rabbits have their own capability to detect colors. Their eyes do not have rod cells and cone cells which work as photoreceptors and allow mammals to see and identify different colors. Instead, rabbits only have green and blue con cells. Moreover, their con cells are usually placed in a horizontal manner near their retina. The placement of cone cells allows them to see things more sharply and find objects from a distance.

But, that also means they are not able to identify red or blue colors. They can only see white, black and green and blue or bluish-green colors. Its blue cones allow it to see aerial objects, and the green ones allow it to find threats amidst the green earth.

Rabbits have two types of vision

Besides that, rabbits have the two types of visions. They have monocular vision and can use only one eye at a time. But, on the other hand, they also have binocular visions like humans to decide the right position of things. But, binocular vision is only limited to straight direction. Hence, they can correctly see patterns and deduce the accurate position of any object if these lie only in front of them. Therefore, they usually use monocular vision most of the time.

Rabbits can identify patterns and shapes

Rabbits do have the power to see different shapes and sizes. They usually use their eyes in the forward direction with an angle of 60-degree to get binocular vision. It is the only way for them to find patterns and textures. Hence, often you will see your bunny curiously looking at anything or object straight for a few minutes to get the prop idea about it.

They see better during twilight times

Have you ever wondered why rabbits remain awake during the twilight times? Well, during this time, they are safer. Moreover, their eyes are made so that they see better in a soft low light that is observed during dusk and dawn.

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