What Do Rabbits Like To Play With?

Rabbits are intelligent and curious animals. They love to explore new things and play a lot! Unfortunately, their affinity to playtime often leads to them being dropped dead asleep between a play session. So what do rabbits like to play with?

Rabbits like to play with their toys, other bunnies of the group and of course, with their owners. So, make sure to give your bunny a lot of toys. You will find your pet bunny to rearrange and gnaw on their toys and run with toys from here to there during playtime.

What do rabbits like to play with?

Here are a few ideas for a perfect playtime for your pet rabbit-


Bunnies love to play with toys. They tend to grip the toy with their mouth and teeth and throw it to other bunnies or even their owner. Toys for bids are great for babies as these are easy to grip. However, it is better to give them toys free of harmful chemicals and other dangerous items.

You can use straw baskets or wicker baskets, straw placemats, newspapers with only black and white images, birds’ hanging toys, etc. However, bunnies love to steal papers. Hence, paper bags like large grocery bags, paper towels, toilet paper rolls and paper-plate holders are great for them.

Wooden clothespins, unscented wood chips, and cardboard boxes like serial boxes with cut ends make great toys for rabbits.

Things that make rattling sounds are also great as toys. You can give them keys with rattling sounds for fun. Plastic-made baby toys are also a great choice.

If you want your pet bunny to engage in physical activity, you need to buy special toys. PVC pipes or string cardboard tubes of more than 6inch diameter, bunny tunnels correcting cages, small platforms and ramps, and large wooden blocks for jumping will allow them some physical exercise during playtime. You can rearrange their houses with tunnels, ramps, stairs and fun toys to ensure they can play wherever they want.

Rabbits also love to play with towels and blankets. Therefore, they will use every chance to arrange the blankets and towels as per their choice.

Hard plastic toys with bells inside them will trigger the curiosity of your rabbit. They love to make rattling sounds with these toys.

Bunnies love to explore new places. Hence, you can build a DIY castle with cardboard boxes. Try to include different regions, which allow them to explore multiple settings at once. They also love to pass through tunnels and doors. For example, you can use a box full of shredded papers or towels, a cardboard tunnel connecting two different compartments, ramps, etc.

Logic toys

Logic toys are also another great way to give your bunny some mental exercises. For example, you can create treat balls using paper towels with treats inside the balls. You will see your pet rabbit curiously chewing the papers to find their treats. Similarly, wooden toys with detachable blocks that allow pushing and pulling are also great toys.

Final Words

Bunnies love to play with toys, papers, towels and almost everything that catches their curiosity. So you can use these ideas to give your pet bunny some toys for developing their skills.

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