How Fast Do Moose Run?

Are you thinking about how to outrun a moose? In order to do this, you will first have to know how fast do moose run. It will also depend on how fast you too can run. To know the details on the questions as to how fast a moose can run and what are the factors which can affect its speed as well as some other related questions, keep reading this article below.

How Fast Do Moose Run?

A moose can run at an average speed of 22 miles per hour. The speed of a healthy adult moose can even increase up to 35 miles per hour. A calf begins to run at the age of two weeks. Apart from running, moose can also trot for 30 minutes at stress. They can jump up to 8 to 10 feet in height. Moose are also expert swimmers and can swim up to 10 miles per hour speed.

How Can Moose Run So Fast?

The size of the body as well as the length of their gait gives moose the natural ability to run fast. They have very long legs. The front legs of a moose are longer than the rear legs. It helps them to run quite fast even on the more difficult areas of land. The long legs of moose give them the advantage to jump over any obstacles like rocks and fallen trees while running.

How Fast Can A Younger Moose Run?

A moose cannot run immediately after its birth. They depend upon their mother for protection as well as feeding. Due to this reason, a mother moose often slows down in a chase as she is reluctant to leave the younger one behind which can be risky for it. However, as soon as they attain two weeks of age, these younger moose can run at an average speed and also swim very well.

How Fast Can An Older Moose Run?

We all get slower as we grow old. Likewise, you cannot expect the same speed of running from an older moose as a younger one. However, even with its reduced speed, the older moose can still run like a healthy adult man. There may be another argument that although they have become old but gained in their experience. So, never try to underestimate the old ones as well.

How Visibility Can Affect The Speed of Moose?

In this case, you may have a slight advantage on how fast the moose can run. The eyesight of a moose is not as good as a human being. There, in low visibility conditions like fog, you may have a chance to escape from a moose if you have a safe place nearby. But remember, their hearing and smelling sense will give them an upper hand if you try to hide.

Final Words

It may be fair to say that moose are not afraid of humans. At the same time it can be said that under normal circumstances, moose do not consider man as a threat who needs to be chased down. They are not likely to run after you if you are trying to flee. On most occasions, moose will ignore the humans who are standing at a safe distance away and simply mind their own business.

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