Where Do Moose Live?

Moose are found close to lakes, swamps, and other water sources. In summer they often wade into rivers and lakes and eat water plants such as lilies. In the winter season, moose feeds mainly twigs and the bark of trees such as poplars and willows. Moose prefer to live alone or in a group of a small family. In Britain and Europe, there are also called Elk.

Where Do Moose Live?

Moose live in the northern regions of the United States, starting from Maine to Washington, throughout Canada, and into Alaska. Moose are limited to cold climates due to their insulating fur and massive size. The forested regions having streams and ponds nearby are the most ideal habitat of a moose.

Where Are Moose Found In The United States?

Moose are found in North America all across the continent’s northern tier that includes Alaska as well as large swath areas of Canada. The species of moose extends south into the continental United States, where they are found in parts of New England in the east. And in the west, the moose range can be found as far as the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in the south.

Where do Eurasian Moose Live?

The Eurasian moose, which is also called the Eurasian elk, can be found in Scandinavia and also in Siberia in the east. They also live in several countries of mainland Europe and Asia in the south. They can be in Germany, Estonia, Poland, Latvia, Mongolia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, and China.

Where Do American Elk Live?

Nowadays the American elk can be found primarily in the western half of North America. They mainly prefer the mountainous and protected areas. It includes places such as Yellowstone National Park and Wyoming’s National Elk Refuge. Small herds of moose have been reintroduced in some of the eastern states like Arkansas, North Carolina, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

Where Do Wapiti Elk or Red Deer Live?

Wapiti Elk or Red Deer is found in primarily mountainous and wooded habitats in the United States. This is due to their herbivorous diet of grasses, shrubs, and tree shoots. They like to dwell in open wooded regions and pastures in the forests which are dense. Depending on the season, the Wapiti Elk or Red Deer also tend to migrate between their elevations.

Elks Live Around the World

The species of moose are also found in many European as well as Asian countries. These include France, Turkey, United Kingdom, China, and India. They are also found in small regions of northern Africa. Recently Elks have been introduced in the northern hemisphere countries. In the southern hemisphere, they have been introduced to New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, and Australia.

Final Words

The habitat of a moose is quite specific. Their ideal habitat is always around the forest region where they can enjoy the winter season. It should also have some water sources like ponds and lakes. Since they have to maintain their large bodies, moose prefer to live in areas where they can find plenty of vegetation to feed.

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