How Long Do Rabbits Live?

Rabbits are pretty long-lived animals despite their fragile nature. Despite being vulnerable animals, they are alert and lovely, which allows them to evade death easily.

So how long do rabbits live? Well, rabbits live for five to twelve years and even more. It depends on the atmosphere, food availability, and other factors. In general, rabbits have an average lifespan of nine years.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the oldest living rabbit lived for 18 years.

How long do the wild rabbits live?

Wild rabbits usually live for five to ten years. But, since they live in a great environment, they do not have a safe life as pet rabbits. So, these wild rabbits are more prone to danger and may lose their lives at a young age.

Many wild rabbits usually only live for a couple of years before they die. The environment often leads to their premature demise, including harsh winters, predators, food scarcity, and other factors.

How long do pet rabbits live?

Pet rabbits have a better life expectancy than their wild counterparts. It is because they have a safe and secure place. Besides that, pet rabbits also do not need to face threats like predators, attacks, harsh winter, food scarcity, etc., like wild rabbits.

Hence, pet breeds usually live for more than nine years. They might even live for 12 to 13 years if they get proper care and grooming.

Other factors that affect the lifespan of rabbits

The other factors also have an effect on the lifespan of a rabbit-

  • The pure breeds usually have a shorter lifespan than the mixed breeds. In general, a pure breed will live for an average of five years; On the contrary, mixed breeds will live for nearly 8 years or more under ideal circumstances.
  • The size of the breeds also matters. Larger breeds of rabbits have a shorter lifespan. The giant breeds are known for their gentle behavior. But, these rabbits are more vulnerable to disease and different health problems. On the other hand, shorter breeds usually have a better immune system and do not fall susceptible to diseases easily.
  • While a giant breed may live for an average of five to seven years, the smaller ones will easily live for ten to twelve years. For example,
  1. Netherlands dwarf rabbits live for a minimum of eight years.
  2. The New Zealand breeds, which are among the giant breeds, live for only five to eight years.
  3. The big Lop-eared business has a lifespan of nine years.
  4. Polish rabbits are smaller in size and will live for nearly ten years under proper care.
  5. Rex Rabbits have a shorter lifespan of five to ten years.
  6. Lionhead bunnies have lived for almost nine years.

If you have a pet rabbit at home, you can offer them a prolonged lifespan with proper care. They should have premium quality grass hay and leafy greens for a fiber-rich diet with occasional treats of fruits and vegetables. They should also have a clean and wide cage with loads of exercise and play.

Final Words

Rabbits have an average lifespan of five to twelve years. Where the wild rabbits live for less than five years, the pets live longer due to the safe environment. The lifespan of bunnies also depends on their breeds, sizes, and other factors.

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