Are Moose Aggressive?

It is true that normally, a moose is not aggressive towards people. However, if they are provoked, it can prove deadly. Usually, moose is not afraid of a man like a deer. So they will not run away after seeing you. This fearlessness makes it more tempting to approach a moose. Children may also want to play with, feed, or even pet a moose. But before you do this, consider the following facts.

Are Moose Aggressive?

Moose are generally not aggressive in nature. But they do become aggressive if they are harassed by people, dogs, or traffic. They may also become aggressive when hungry and tired. It happens sometimes in the winter season when they have to walk very long through the deep snow. Just like most of the animals, moose also defend their babies and also their territory if they feel threatened.

Do Moose Attack Human Beings?

As told earlier, moose are harmless creatures. So under normal circumstances, they are not likely to attack humans. However, they can attack you if they are frightened and consider you a threat. Moose can also attack you if they are unnecessarily provoked. As per statistics, moose attack more human beings than the combination of bears and wolves. The consequences are, however, minor.

Are Moose Attacks Common?

The ratio of moose to bear attacks in Alaska is nearly 3 to 1. It is where the largest North American subspecies of moose are found. Moose commonly wound 5 to 10 people every year. In the continent of North America, there are only two bear attack reports every year on average. Despite the rates of incidents, moose are not natural towards aggression.

What Can Happen If A Moose Becomes Aggressive?

If a moose feels threatened and considers you as an enemy, it is likely that the moose can attack you. In the case of such an attack, the moose can use its hoofs and full body weight to knock you down to the ground in the blink of an eye. It can also trample you before you can even realize it. And, do not forget that the body weight of a moose is around 1200 pounds.

How Can You Avoid Moose Attacks?

When hunting in the forest, you can tie dryer sheets to trees and shrubs which will startle away hungry moose. Yellow caution tape or spinning pinwheels can also be used to keep the moose on its toes. It will threaten the animal to move on from the area. When in the yards you simply put chicken wire around any plants that are threatened. It will also keep away the moose.

Final Words

If a moose feels seriously threatened, it can even kill you with its hind leg kick. When a moose delivers a hard and fast kick with the help of its hind legs, the tendons and ligaments pop as well as snap which can be heard when the hoof returns. However, the incidents of a moose killing a man are very rare and almost unheard of.

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