How Long Do Moose Calves Stay With Mom?

All baby moose are commonly called calves. They are born in the springtime of the year. The cows or the mother moose become pregnant in the winter season. Normally it takes place in late September or early October. Moose prefer to live alone unlike most other deer species. The only exception is the calves that, after birth, stay with their mother until the cow begins estrus.

How Long Do Moose Calves Stay With Their Mom?

After being born, a calf stays with its mother for the first twelve months of its life. Thereafter, they are being chased away by their mother just before giving birth to the next offspring. At about five months of age, the moose babies are normally weaned. However, they stay with their mother throughout the first winter so that they can gain the skills to survive on their own.

Why Do Cows Keep Their Calves With Them?

The calves of moose are generally preyed upon by the wolves as well as bears. The local hunters also consider moose as an important source of their food. It is quite natural that a calf will not be able to survive the predators on its own just like human children. That is why the cow keeps its calf along with her for one year so that it can become strong enough to overcome these situations.

How Long Do Moose Carry Their Babies?

The mating season of the moose or the “rut” happens annually in the winter season from late September to October. Thereafter, the cow undergoes a gestation period of about 230 days. Then, from late May to June the calves are usually born. It is important to note that a cow moose defends her newborn calf with all her strength.

How Many Calves Can A Moose Have At Once?

Cow moose attains sexual maturity at the age of two years. Thereafter, they are bred in the winter season with the male moose or the bull. Accordingly, they will give birth to offspring in the calving season from time to time. A cow should give birth to one calf at a time. On a few occasions, she can give birth to two calves. However, giving birth to three calves is very rare although not unheard of.

How Big Are Moose Calves At Birth?

In the birth cycle of a moose, after a gestation period of about 230 days, a cow gives birth to a baby which is called the calf. From the first day of its life, a calf can stand up on its feet. The average weight of a calf at the time of its birth is 35.7 pounds or 16.2 kg. They grow very fast, gaining almost 1.5 kg every day.

Final Words

As already said, moose can give birth from the age of two years. Nearly all three-year-old cows produce a single or even double calf each year. They will continue this process for the rest of their life which can be up to 10 or 12 years. Besides this, moose are also known to adopt abandoned calves and raise them as their own baby.

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