Are Moose And Elk The Same?

Both moose and elk are the biggest types of deer. They form the family Cervidae of deer. Male elk and moose are both known as bulls while the females are known as cows. Both are hunted for their meat as well as antlers. Moose are mostly found in the northern regions of the United States. On the other hand, elk is basically found in western North America.

Are Moose And Elk The Same?

Elk is the same species as Moose whose scientific name is Alces alces. In North America, there is another member of the family of the deer. It is the Wapiti, which is often referred to as Elk. So, the Swedish Älg is often known as a Moose in American English, and in British English, it is called an Elk. Yes, both belong to the same species. But they differ in their appearance and features.

What Are The Differences Between Moose And Elk?

A moose has a long, bulbous, and very large nose, and it also has fur under its throat. An elk, on the other hand, is light brown in color. The color of a bull elk can be almost golden and it also has a pale yellow rump. Unlike the pointed antlers of an elk, the antlers of a mature bull moose are broad and flat. The snout of an elk is much narrower and it does not have any bell.

Which Is Bigger Between Moose And Elk?

If we compare between a Moose and an elk, it is the former which is bigger in weight as well as height. The largest moose can weigh up to 1800 pounds. They can also grow as much as 6.5 feet from their hooves to the shoulders. On the other hand, an elk can normally grow up to 4.5 feet at shoulder height. Their average weight is between 700 to 1100 pounds.

Difference In The Sounds Of Moose And Elk

Although both belong to the same species of the deer family, the sounds made by the two are not similar. You can understand the difference even from a distance if you can closely follow. A moose makes a wailing sound and they also grunt. On the other hand, if you hear a loud, high-pitched bugle-like sound, you will realize it is an elk. A male elk makes a bugling sound to attract mates.

Can a Moose and an Elk mate?

According to the latest study, that is not possible. Although both moose and elk are species of deer, the chances of the two reproducing are not known to anyone. The species may be the same but they belong to different subfamilies of deer which are genetically far apart as well as incompatible. Moose belongs to the Alces, which are many branches away from the Cervus.

Final Words

Although moose and elk are not the same and they differ from each other in several aspects as mentioned above, they have certain similarities as well. Both moose and elk are ruminant mammals. The males of both species have antlers. They also have similarities in their reproductive cycle, digestion process, as well as taxonomic family.

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