Are Moose Smart?

Unlike deer, the moose is usually not afraid of humans. It is smart enough. Moose would not run away merely because you are there. Neither will it attack you. It will run away or attack only if it feels that you are a threat. The fearlessness of a moose makes it more tempting to approach the animal. It can be pet as well as feed, and you can also play with it since it is smart.

Are Moose Smart?

Moose are smart as well as capable of solving problems. Apparently, moose might seem to be dull because of its slow movements and the expressions like a cow. However, they are intelligent creatures and are capable of learning through training. Moose cannot identify objects that are placed directly in front of them. So, never stand directly in the blind spot of a moose.

Are Moose Capable Of Learning?

Biologists have observed that moose are capable of learning. One such instance of moose learning behavior has been found in the young Bull Moose. Over a period of one year when it stays with its mother, an immature bull moose learns how to fight before they are matured enough to challenge a bull in its prime. They also play some sparring games in order to learn how to fight.

Are Moose Dumb?

Moose cannot be said to be dumb. During the rut, the male moose or the bulls have a preoccupied objective to find females and they never get distracted from it. Sometimes, the hunters try to take advantage of this. The eyesight of a moose is not very good and so they rely on their ears and the nose to protect themselves from hunters and predators. So, they are never dumb.

Can Moose Be Trained?

Moose can be trained slowly and gradually over a period of time. Although military training operations have now been stopped, the efforts to domesticate the moose continued. The animal was trained like the pack and passenger animal. They were kept on a steady diet of scraps obtained from the timber industry and fattened up. Moose are further milked and even slaughtered for meat.

Has Anyone Ever Trained A Moose?

There was a man called Connell who used to reside in the Bartibog area near Miramichi. He had trained his moose like a horse and named it ‘Tommy’. Connell taught Tommy how to go into a harness so that it could be pulled into a sled or a sleigh. Connell used to put a saddle on Tommy and he could ride the moose around just like a horse.

Are There Any Tame Moose?

Moose have been successfully tamed in Soviet Russia but as farm animals. It has been heard from the year 1949 at the farms of Pechoro-Ilychkaya and from the year 1965 at Kostroma Moose Farm. There are some other reports that start from the year 2010 hoax which refers to Soviet moose cavalry trials. Therefore, moose can be tamed.

Final Words

Although moose are smart, many civilized societies like Europe have not been able to domesticate the animal to date. Keeping in mind the intelligent nature of the animal, they can undoubtedly be of great utility if domesticated. Therefore, the governments should make all possible efforts to domesticate the moose. And yes, this is doable.

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