How Fast Can A Moose Swim?

Moose are known for their eating capabilities. A moose needs to eat a minimum of 25 kg of food every day. When summer comes to an end, it becomes very difficult to find this huge quantity of food on the land. Perhaps this is the reason why moose are blessed with excellent swimming capabilities. They can dive deep into the water and survive on the aquatic plants underneath.

How Fast Can A Moose Swim?

Amongst all the hoofed animals that are found today, moose are the best known swimmers. They are capable of swimming at a speed of more than six miles per hour. It may sound to you like no more than the jogging speed for humans. But it can be noted that most humans can swim only up to two miles per hour. Therefore, six miles per hour is an incredible swimming speed.

Are Moose Excellent Swimmers?

Moose can be said to be at home in the water. In spite of their heavy body weight, they are excellent swimmers. Many times, they have been observed to paddle several miles at a time. Moose can even submerge completely under the water and stay there for up to 1 minute. When ice melts, moose spent lot of time in the rivers, lakes, and wetlands and feed on aquatic plants.

Can Moose Swim Faster Than Humans?

As told earlier, a moose can swim up at 6 miles per hour for up to two hours at a stress. This has been revealed in a recent research made by the wildlife experts. This speed of moose is a faster pace than the men’s 50 metre freestyle world record. Humans can never swim for even up to 6 meter per hour at an all-out sprint. So, forget about maintaining the speed of moose for 2 hours.

How Deep Can Moose Dive Under Water?

We already know that moose can hold their breath for up to 60 seconds at a stress. The large nostrils of moose act as valves to keep the water out as they dive up to 6 metre which is equivalent to 20 feet under the water. Moose generally hit the waters in search of the nutrient-rich aquatic plants that grow mainly in the season of autumn.

Can Moose Swim To The bottom Of Lakes?

Yes, moose are definitely capable of diving to the bottom of a lake or a deep pond in search of their food. The webbed feet of moose are propellers, and their thick tails can be said to be the rudders. But a moose also has hooves and a very short tail. They like to spend a lot of time in the waters. That is why moose are often found in the places near water.

Final Words

Are you aware that each moose consumes almost 55 pounds of plants each day? Yet, they inhabit in the Northern regions of the globe where there is scarcity of inland plants. That is why, moose have adopted to survive on the aquatic plants by swimming as well as diving under water. Moose usually prefers aquatic plants over the land ones because they hold more minerals as well as nutrients.

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