Are Rabbits Scared of the Dark?

Rabbits are often treated as fragile creatures who need constant protection. Hence, there is often a myth that rabbits are afraid of the dark. But what is the truth? Are they really afraid of the dark?

Are rabbits scared of the dark? Rabbits are not afraid of the dark. They are crepuscular. That means they remain active during twilight hours- dawn and dusk. They use the soft light to avoid being eaten by predators and also search for food. Hence, they become more alert if night falls in.

Therefore, you do not need to worry about this fact. A rabbit can see and walk during the night. But, it prefers to rest and remain hidden to get some protection.

Are pet rabbits scared of the dark?

Pet rabbits do not live in a dangerous wild environment. They have a protected cage to live and thrive in. But, they also have their instinct. Hence, they also become more alert during the night.

They have better eyesight and can handle surviving during the night. Even a pet rabbit will burrow a hole and will keep itself hidden during the night.

But, the dark also keeps them on their toes. A rabbit’s hearing and eyesight become more active as soon as the night falls. It will become extremely sensitive to any natural source and hide in a safe place if it feels threatened.

Do I need to provide a night light for my pet rabbit?

No, rabbits do not need a night light. They have enough ability to remain safe and secure during the night. If you provide them with a night light, it can backfire. A rabbit may become active due to the twilight feeling of the soft light. It can stress your rabbit, and they might not rest during the night. Additionally, a light lamp may cause them to become fearful of the dark.

According to researchers and pet handlers, rabbits kept in constant light, even with a mighty lamp, might develop some major health issues. It indicated that constant light causes a rabbit to become extremely stressed. Such rabbits often gain more weight, and their brain may develop lesions.

Additionally, such lights are also harmful to their eyesight. Rabbits have sensitive eyes, and living with a night lamp may cause retinal damage in them.

Rabbits may also lose fertility if they are constantly kept under a light.

Do rabbits need darkness for sleeping?

Rabbits usually remain relaxed and sleep during the night or even during most parts of the day. But, their biological clock is different. They do not need the darkness to fall asleep.

Their brain is not wired to function that way, and they usually sleep whenever they feel like sleeping. A rabbit will sleep whenever it requires some rest—besides that, being a crepuscular animal. A rabbit will doze off during the day and even night, except for dawn and dusk.

Final Words

Rabbits are crepuscular animals. Rabbits usually remain asleep during the night. But, they are not afraid of the dark. Hence, as a pet owner, you don’t need to worry about their safety and comfort during the night. Your rabbit will adjust itself to the dark and will sleep peacefully.

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