Are Rabbits Smart?

Rabbits are often presumed as dumb animals with low intelligent levels. Their playful antics often lead to this belief. But, what is the truth? Are these furballs that dumb? The truth is quite different than the myth. They have their intelligence.

Are rabbits smart? Rabbits are indeed smart and intelligent, more than you think. They can express multiple emotions and gestures. Additionally, they can use logic and solve problems. Additionally, you can also teach them a few tricks and commands.

According to scientists, a rabbit has intelligence levels the same as two-year-old children. Hence, they do have intelligence and are smarter than you think.

With brain exercise and proper training, a rabbit can also increase its intelligence level easily. They love adventure and investigate the surroundings to find new things. They also love to form a close bond with their owners and can understand your emotions quite well.

Here are a few examples of the smartness and intelligence of a rabbit-

They understand your words and commands

Rabbits can understand the words you say. They understand the meanings of simple and basic words like “love,” “dinner,” “treat,” “food,” “love,” “come,” etc. They also understand simple human commands.

And they have a better listening ability, and they can pick up high-pitched words faster. They also treat these words as positive. Hence, try to talk with your rabbit with a high-pitched voice.

Additionally, rabbits love cheerful tones. They can also understand commands like” jump,” “come here,” “take it” quite well.

They are also able to pick up your mood and intention through your voice tone. Rabbits usually treat lower and firm tones as a potential warning.

Rabbits have their own way of communication

Being social animals, rabbits love to connect with others. They have their own body language to express their emotions. Being intelligent, they also communicate through body language.

A rabbit usually grooms mothers and their pet owners if they love them. It is their own way of expressing their caring attitude.

Rabbits may bow down to other rabbits or their owners if they feel sorry for their behaviour. It is an act of asking for an apology. They feel assured and happy in such cases with simple growth.

If your rabbit is worried about you or anything, its ears will become flat and lean against its back. It is a sign that the rabbit is deeply worried and is thinking about solving a situation.

Your rabbit can become angry and may start to react aggressively. Angry rabbits usually sit up on their back legs and use the front paws in a punching posture.

A rabbit can get jealous

Rabbits are also prone to jealousy. They are attention seekers and always want to become your top priority. If they feel that they do not get enough attention from you, they will get jealous. A rabbit will give you silent eyes and will stop caring about your presence to express its jealousy.

Final Words

Rabbits are intelligent animals with enough knowledge to express their emotions through gestures. They also understand simple and basic words and obey your commands. But, a rabbit has its personality and will love to get some space for itself.

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