Are Raccoons Destructive?

Raccoons have a very strong smelling power and they are destructive in nature. They will try to destroy almost everything in your house whenever they get the chance to. If you want to prevent a raccoon from entering your house and causing damage, it is recommended to use onion, garlic, hot pepper, and peppermint oil which the raccoons hate.

Are Raccoons Destructive?

Because of their curiosity, climbing skills, intelligence, and skill in performing tasks with their hands, raccoons can be very destructive at times. Due to their destructive nature, it is not recommended to keep raccoons as pets. They have a tendency to destroy almost everything in your house. They mostly damage the attic of the house when they live in it.

Why Are Raccoons So Destructive?

Raccoons are naturally curious and tend to experiment with any new thing that they can see. They can also poop on your attic and walls, tear the vents and rip out wires from the wall. These are very common games for a raccoon. It probably does not know that it is causing destruction to your house. Raccoons have a tendency to think of every place that they have chosen as their own den.

Can Raccoons Cause Damage To Your House?

It is the daily antics of a raccoon to cause damage to your house and belongings. Due to their strong teeth, raccoons have the capability to directly rip a hole in the ceiling, roof, or wall of your house. They can tear the air duct in the attic of your house. In short, they will not spare anything in your house whether it is the chimney, ceiling, eaves, basement, or crawl space.

Can Raccoons Cause Damage To Your Pets?

Although raccoons are not known to cause damage to a cat, they can inflict severe injury to your pet dog. These two animals do not like each other and often get involved in a fight whenever they come face to face. Raccoons have also killed the smaller dogs in some incidents. So it is recommended to keep your dog inside if a raccoon is nearby.

Can Raccoons Cause Damage To Your Yard?

The urine and feces of a raccoon can cause unwanted damage to your lovely home. It is one of the common times for a raccoon to dig up your garden full of beautiful flowers as well as the yard which you have decorated with everything. Very often you can find holes and stacks of sod which are scattered by raccoons all across the yard.

Are Raccoons Destructive As Pets?

Raccoons do not make good pets and that is why animal experts are against it. They are also high-maintenance animals as pets and full of mischief and unpredictability too. By nature, they are very curious and have a tendency to destroy almost anything that they can find in your house. It is like their daily duty to destroy your goods and belongings.

Final Words

If by chance any raccoon has managed to break into your house, you should immediately call the animal control number of your locality without wasting any time. It is highly recommended not to take unnecessary risks by trying to enter into the house until the control team appears.

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